Who is a geologist’s favorite band?
The Rolling Stones.
Why did they let the turkey join the band? Because he had the drumsticks
What does a skeleton play in a band?
A Trom-Bone.
What’s a flower’s favorite band?
Guns n’ Roses.
Have you heard the new song from the band that entirely consists of vegetables?
It’s a master peas.
The high school music teacher was controversial for having his students read band books.
Why couldn’t the Thanksgiving entertainment band perform?

Somebody had eaten the drumsticks.
I used to play triangle in a reggae band but I had to give it up. It was just one ting after another.
Why did the skeleton want to join band?
He wanted a trom-bone!
Me and my friends are in a band called “Duvet”.
We’re a cover band.
Why shouldn’t you let kids watch big band performances on TV?
Too much sax and violins.
What do you call an 80s synth pop band with a scoop of ice cream? Depeche a la Mode.
What is Jehovah's witness' favorite band? The Doors.
What do you get when you cross a sloth and a Scottish rock band? Slow Patrol.
What is a worm's favorite band? Mud.