Actor Jokes

Who is a crow’s favorite actor? Russell Crow!
Chuck Norris walks into a bar.
He gets treated with great respect, since he’s such a talented actor.
What did the Hollywood film director say to the young neuron that wanted to be an actor?
"Hey kid, you've got potential."
Q: Who is Peach’s favorite actor?
A: Brad Pit.
I knew a vampire who was trying to become an actor. He gave it his best shot, but ended up retraining. He just couldn't find a role he could sink his teeth into.
An actor arrived for his rehearsal at the theatre.
As he looked around, an incredible feeling of deja vu swept over him.

Suddenly he realised the set seemed like a weird adaption of his apartment, the actress looked like an odd version of his wife, and the director sounded like an eerie rendition of his dad.

"Uncanny!" He thought. "I've arrived at a strange stage of my life".
An actor I know fell through the floor recently. It's just a stage he was going through.
Who's Denmark's greatest Zombie actor?
Rigor Mortissen
The late actor Sir Sean Connery was a big fan of the onion because well, he usshed to love them shh-allot.
Which actor is now being quarantined for Swine Flu? Kevin Bacon
Who is the most famous actor in Greece ?
John Travolta.
Who’s a llama’s favorite actor?
Al Pacacino.
Who is a Yeti's favorite Dracula actor?
Christobrr Lee.
Who is the Easter Bunny’s favorite movie actor? Rabbit De Niro!
Sad to hear that Baron von Frankenstein has given up on his dream of being an actor.
He couldn’t get the parts.
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