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13 Hilarious Relationship Moments

  Being in a relationship takes commitment and hard work. But there’s one equally important ingredient - humor! Being able to make each other laugh brightens up domestic life like nothing else and only makes feelings of love grow stronger. Sometimes one good joke can even end an argument. In the article below we collected 14 real-life moments where couples used their sense of humor to make their lives together more interesting and fun. Take a look.

1. This is their 60th-anniversary celebrationFunny Relationship Moments 60th anniversary

2. “My boyfriend left me a surprise in the shower. He said it was there for a month.”Funny Relationship Moments  ring in shampoo

3. When you get too many diapers for your baby shower...Funny Relationship Moments  diaper seat

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4. “My dog showing my girlfriend that I’m his.”
Funny Relationship Moments  dog

5. “My fiance teased me about not having a picture of him at my desk, so he made me this.”
Funny Relationship Moments desk

6. The perfect indoor picnicFunny Relationship Moments  indoor picnic

7. “My girlfriend wanted a piggyback picture on the beach and a random biker watching the sunset said he wanted one too.”
Funny Relationship Moments  sunset piggyback

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8. When you ask your boyfriend for popcorn chicken.Funny Relationship Moments  popcorn chicken

8. “I went shopping with my boyfriend today and almost went home with the wrong man.”
Funny Relationship Moments same outfit

9. “I put a big dent in my wife’s car and tried to blame someone else. I think I did a pretty decent job.”
Funny Relationship Moments dented car

10. This guy decided to surprise his girlfriend with a new shower curtain. We're positive she was surprised.Funny Relationship Moments  shower curtain

11. “I left my ring at home and asked my fiancé to put it in a safe place for me.”Funny Relationship Moments  safe place

12. Consider it doneFunny Relationship Moments parcel

13. "Caught my girlfriend doing her makeup this morning."Funny Relationship Moments doing makeup

H/T: Acid Cow, Bright Side

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