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14 Accidental Camouflage Photos That Will Make Rub Your Eyes

 Sometimes, the objects around us can play dress up or hide in plain sight. What do we mean by that? Well, it could be a jacket that matches your couch a bit too perfectly. Or maybe, your dog blends in with the color of the rug a bit too well... As you know, one picture is worth a thousand words, and the photo collection below captures the concept of accidental camouflage perfectly.

1. The paint on this building is the exact same shade as the sky.Accidental Camouflage  sky and building color

2. This tissue box merges into the wallpaperAccidental Camouflage  tissue box and wallpaper

3. When your nails fit your jacket pretty much perfectly...Accidental Camouflage  nails

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4. This baby bodysuit matches the changing tableAccidental Camouflage baby bodysuit changing table

5. Can you find Koko the pup?Accidental Camouflage  puppy on rug

6. Luckily, there's a black frame on this phone cover...Accidental Camouflage  phone case

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7. When you're out of the shower and just can't find your underwear...Accidental Camouflage  underwear

8. “This morning, I couldn’t really find my notebook on the table.”
Accidental Camouflage flower notebook

9. A very good boy is hiding amid all the chaos of this hotel roomAccidental Camouflage dog

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10. Another case of perfectly matching nailsAccidental Camouflage nails and golf ball

11. The only sign of the hoodie is the drawstringAccidental Camouflage  hoody

12. “The design on my mom’s jacket is nearly identical to the furniture in the living room.”
Accidental Camouflage  jacket and couch

13. “The shower curtain in a rented cabin is the inverse of the comforter we brought from home.”
Accidental Camouflage shower curtain

14. Honey, I lost the cake!Accidental Camouflage  counter

Source of images: Acid Cow

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