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Hilarious Design Mistakes Made on 18 Signs

Feeling down? Well, after reading these 18 side-splitting signs, you will no longer have that problem on your hands. But seriously, what were the authors of these signs thinking? What designer ever let these signs happen?? Whatever the story behind them may be, these signs ended up saying something completely different from what they initially intended and it's hilarious.

1. No safety, smoking first

funny signs No safety, smoking first

2. It's better to underpromise and overdeliver, I guess...

funny signs if we can't we won't
3. This example is to show that font size matters
funny signs end children
Image source: Gummie/ Reddit

4. And this is why commas are crucial

funny signs commas
Image source: Rosco555555/Reddit

5. How rude of this sign to point out that the five kids are slow 

funny signs 5 extremely slow children
Image source: Chunkledom/ Reddit

6. So where should I turn, left or right?!

funny signs left or right
Image source: LolaWolf/ Reddit

7. The word order in this sentence is so messed up it's offensive

funny signs smash immigrants
Image source: dbanzai/ Reddit

8. This sign was posted to announce an upcoming suicide awareness and prevention lecture at an American college campus

funny signs suicide event
Image source: KBid-1998/ Reddit

9. Spacing those two words out a little bit more might have yielded a less 'scary' result...

funny signs jesus scares
Image source: Bausdria/ Reddit

10. You'd like us to do what exactly?

funny signs litter here
Image source: Freshcheezels/ Reddit

11. People are doing what with the children in this area?

funny signs people are eating children in this area

12. Don't listen to this van

funny signs practice your kills
Image source: EasterChimp/ Reddit

13. Usually, a guarantee is a positive thing... Not this time, though

funny signs guaranteed reduced quality

14. I wonder if many people ended up donating blood here...

funny signs blood donations

15. I know better than this sign what my baby really needs

funny signs baby needs beers and wine

16. Police ought to go and investigate what they're up to at the Willesden electricity department

funny signs electricity
Image source: jhoang0730/ Reddit

17. A work free drug place, huh? You might be attracting the wrong public there... 

funny signs work free drug place
Image source: sevenonesicks/ Imgur

18. This is the "best" life advice I ever heard

funny signs worry
Image source: zapsquad/ Reddit
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