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Comics Showing The Fun Realities of New Year's Resolutions

The year is about to come to an end. You are likely to be flooded with New Year's resolution lists from family and friends everywhere by now. Whether we like to or not, our minds will now force us to think about some resolutions to make for the coming year. That most of us are unlikely to stick to that list for long is another story.
If you are one of those who are fed up with the sea of New Year's resolutions everywhere, perhaps these comic strips will cheer you up. This list includes some of the best modern-day comic artists taking a dig at the tradition of obsessing over New Year's resolutions. 
1. Well, it lasted one whole day at least. 
New Year Resolution Comics One DaySource: Aunty Acid 
2. New year, clean slate? No? Well, okay! New Year Resolution Comics Clean SlateSource: The Awkward Yeti
3. Just one more minute before I stop procrastinating. 
New Year Resolution Comics procrastinatingSource: Berkeley Mews
4. Devices can be 'punny', too.New Year Resolution Comics devices punsSource: Brevity Comic Strip
5. Now, these are some resolutions to feel upbeat about!New Year Resolution Comics goalsSource: Melissa Lomax Illustration
6. It's tough being realistic with resolutions, really. New Year Resolution Comics realistic
7. January can be depressing, indeed. New Year Resolution Comics January Source: Mike Thompson
8. Resolutions aren't 'silly traditions'. Well, maybe. New Year Resolution Comics silly traditions Source: Dana Simpson 
9. It's all about priorities.  New Year Resolution Comics to-do listSource: Jim Benton
10.  Perhaps, writing last year's resolutions isn't a bad idea.New Year Resolution Comics last year's resolutionsSource: Jim Benton
11. Political discussions can really turn nasty. Even in the family.New Year Resolution Comics Political discussionsSource: Jim Benton
12. We must find an easier way to get more exercise every year.New Year Resolution Comics get more exerciseSource: Drew Litton
13. An 'Eat What You Want' diet would be perfect, though. New Year Resolution Comics Eat What You Want' dietSource: Stephan Pastis
14. When we can't even finish the New Year's resolutions list. New Year Resolution Comics finish the listSource: Dave Whamond 
15. Let's talk about spending less time on social media. Maybe, not on social media, though...New Year Resolution Comics social mediaSource: Wumo
16. It's all about how things are said. New Year Resolution Comics sya nice thingsSource: Rose Cooper
17. Different perspectives of New Year's resolutions. 
New Year Resolution Comics Different perspectivesSource: Wumo
18. When you simply can’t get rid of your procrastination. 
19. Well, that's one way to look at it. New Year Resolution Comics no change needed,Source: Bill Watterson 
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