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20 Cats Acting Like Complete Oddballs!

 Those of you who have never had a cat will not know this, but cats are complete and utter oddballs, and few things are as reassuring to a cat owner as seeing that their pet isn't the only one sleeping in impossible positions or staring at a blank wall for an hour... We present to you 20 hilarious examples of the one and only inexplicable cat logic!

1. "She yells until I let her join me in the bathtub"

Odd Cats bathtub
Image Source: Reddit 

2. She sits like this all the time, too!

Odd Cats sitting
Image Source: Reddit 

3. So where's the cat? Oh...

Odd Cats bathroom
Image Source: Reddit 

4. As cozy as can be

Odd Cats cozy
Image Source: Reddit 

5. Sleeping on cloud nine...

6. "She'll hold this pose until you pet her..."

Odd Cats She'll hold this pose until you pet her
Image Source: Reddit 

7. The cost of greed

Odd Cats greedy cat
Image Source: Reddit 

8. Sir Munchalot in his chicken nugget helmet

Odd Cats nuggets
Image Source: Reddit 

9. The shower superintendent

Odd Cats shower
Image Source: Reddit 

10. The most comfortable way to sit in a chair

Odd Cats chair cat
Image Source: Reddit 

11. Woops, someone spilled the cat again

Odd Cats spilled the cat
Image Source: Reddit

12. Posing for the photo

Odd Cats https cat sitting on some stairs
Image Source: Reddit 

13. Hey there!

Odd Cats
Image Source: Reddit 

14. This is me if I were a cat

Odd Cats lazy cat
Image Source: Reddit 

15. "My Japanese cat loves to sit near my rice cooker and smell the steam of freshly cooked rice"

Odd Cats Japanese cat
Image Source: Reddit 
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16. That silly tail!

Odd Cats tail
Image Source: Reddit 

17. Cat or statue?

Odd Cats Cat statue
Image Source: Reddit 

18. Every time she wants to come inside...

Odd Cats cat on a window
Image Source: Reddit 

19. Just a cat running on a TV set

Odd Cats cat running on a TV set
Image Source: Imgur 

20. Isn't this how all cats lie down?

Odd Cats ordinary cat position
Image Source: Reddit 
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