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Hysterical - Wild Animals Being Real Comedians!

Who said all wildlife photos had to be majestic and serious? After all, even noble creatures like deer, bears, and birds have a comical side to them, just like our pets do. To celebrate the funny side of nature, let's take a look at the best photos from the Facebook group called Crap Wildlife Photography that specializes in the funniest real wildlife encounters. You simply have to see these 18 hysterical wildlife moments!

1. An adorable face and a wild goose chase

funny animal pictures squirrel horseback riding

2. I said no door-to-door solicitors, please

funny animal pictures owl no

3. "The dog asked me to house-sit for him"

funny animal pictures deer in dog house

4. Perfect timing!

funny animal pictures bear with wings

5. Now that's a real gymnastics feat right there

funny animal pictures parrot on a fence

6. Someone put on a few extra pounds for the winter, it seems...

funny animal pictures extra chubby raccoon stuck

7. The inevitability of the situation is both tragic and hilarious

funny animal pictures lizard hanging from the roof

8. It's a win-win situation - a fashionable look and an on-the-go snack

funny animal pictures seagull with a piece of bread on it's beak

9. These guys didn't get their usual midday snack on time and decided to knock on these people's door to remind them that it's feeding time

funny animal pictures frogs on near the door

10. Who said only ostriches get to bury their heads in the sand?

funny animal pictures buffalo buries its head into the ground

11. The owners of this house heard a knock on their door, it was this grumpy late-night visitor

funny animal pictures owl in a house

12. Hello there, neighbor!

funny animal pictures tiny frog in the sink

13. Is it a radioactive spider? Not at all, apparently, it's just the camera flash

funny animal pictures spider glowing

14. This cormorant has such a judgmental look, I can't look him straight in the eye

funny animal pictures judgmental cormorant

15. The photographer said this squirrel had a really cute face, but we must say that this photo leaves a bit too much for interpretation

funny animal pictures squirrel stuck in a hollow tree

16. "Can I help you?"

funny animal pictures bat in the flowers

17. How embarrassing, all the other flies zipped right through!

funny animal pictures fly stuck in the net

18. We found some never before seen footage from the horror film The Birds

funny animal pictures seagull and man on the beach
Source of all images: Crapwildlife/ Instagram
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