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15 of the Funniest Idioms That Are Worth Remembering

"Riendo a carcajadas con el ingenio español! - Laughing out loud with Spanish wit! The Spanish language is rich with colorful expressions that not only add flair to conversations but also showcase the creativity and playfulness of its speakers.

With over 485 million native speakers worldwide, Spanish ranks as the second most spoken language globally, making it a highly valuable language to learn. Spanish idioms are an integral part of daily communication for native speakers. From comparing someone to a crazy goat to looking for three feet on a cat, these humorous idioms reflect the unique cultural perspectives and the ability of Spaniards to find laughter in the most unexpected places. So get ready to laugh, scratch your head, and appreciate the inherent quirkiness of language as we unravel the meanings behind these side-splitting Spanish idioms.

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1. Tener vista de lince

Quirky Spanish Idioms, lynx'
Literal Translation: To have the eyesight of a lynx
Meaning: Having an excellent vision
English Equivalent: Have an eagle eye

2. Estar en la edad del pavo

Quirky Spanish Idioms, turkey
Literal Translation: To be in the turkey’s age
Meaning: To be a teenager, to be in puberty
English Equivalent: To go through teenage angst

3. Comiendo moscas

Quirky Spanish Idioms, fly
Literal Translation: Eating flies
Meaning: To go off-topic
English Equivalent: Go off on a tangent

4. Me pica el bagre

Quirky Spanish Idioms, catfish
Literal Translation: The catfish is biting me
Meaning: I’m very hungry
English Equivalent: I’m so hungry I could eat a horse!

5. Ser del año de la pera

Quirky Spanish Idioms,
Literal Translation: To be from the year of the pear
Meaning: To be very old
English Equivalent: To be from another era

6. Creerse la última coca-cola en el desierto

Quirky Spanish Idioms, coke
Literal Translation: You think you’re the last coke in the desert
Meaning: To believe that you are better than everyone else
English Equivalent: To think that you’re the bomb

7. Estar como una cabra

Quirky Spanish Idioms, goat
Literal Translation: To be like a goat
Meaning: To be crazy 
English Equivalent: Be off your rocker or be a fruitcake

8. Sin pelos en la lengua

Quirky Spanish Idioms,
Literal Translation: Without hair in your tongue
Meaning: To be outspoken
English Equivalent: Without mincing words

9. Buscar tres pies al gato

Quirky Spanish Idioms, cats
Literal Translation: To look for the three feet on a cat
Meaning: To make something more complicated than it is
English Equivalent: To take the scenic route

10. Verlo todo de color de rosa

Quirky Spanish Idioms, pink
Literal Translation: To see everything in pink color
Meaning: To be everything with excessive optimism
English Equivalent: To see all peaches and cream

11. Va pedo

Quirky Spanish Idioms, fart
Literal Translation: He goes fart
Meaning: To be drunk
English Equivalent: He’s plastered, smashed

12. Monta un cristo

Quirky Spanish Idioms, Complain
Literal Translation: Make a Christ
Meaning: Complain loudly and bitterly
English Equivalent: Make a scene, kick up a fuss

13. Ser un bombón

Quirky Spanish Idioms, bonbon
Literal Translation: To be a bonbon
Meaning: To be very good looking
English Equivalent: To be eye candy

14. Temblar como un flan

Quirky Spanish Idioms, pudding
Literal Translation: To be shaky like a pudding
Meaning: To be very nervous
English Equivalent: Like a cat on hot bricks

15. Ponerse de mala leche 

Quirky Spanish Idioms, milk
Literal Translation: To get in bad milk 
Meaning: To get in a bad mood
English Equivalent: Down in the dumps
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