How Much Spanish Do You Know?

Spanish is among the most spoken languages in the world and covers huge areas of land (almost all of South America). It is a romance language, a Latin-based language, and is very similar to English, although it has different roots. How much of this beautiful language do you know? Take our test!
How do you say "Spain" in Spanish?
How do you say "Happy birthday" in Spanish?
Feliz cumpleaños
Feliz Navidad
Feliz birthday!
Which of these countries does NOT have Spanish as an official language?
If you say something to someone and they say "No comprendo" - What does that mean?
I don't understand
I don't speak your language
I don't know
If you want to ask someone how they are, you might say...
¿Cómo está?
¿dónde está?
¿qué está?
¿Cuando está?
When might you use the phrase: "Mucho Gusto"?
When meeting a new person
When seeing something beautiful
When asked how I am
When asked to apologize
What does "Yo quiero" mean?
I need
I want
I have
I know
Where might you use the words "¿Cuánto cuesta?"
In a retail shop
Hiking with friends
Swimming in the ocean
Visiting a family member
You are standing in the entry hall to the public library when a woman comes and asks: "¿Dónde está la biblioteca?"
Tell her she's in the right place
Tell her she's in the wrong place
Show her how to exit the library
Give her some money
"Is it true you have the best pizza in Mexico?" You ask the owners of the pizzeria. They answer: "Más o menos". What did they mean?
More or less
The best of all
Food of men
More good than bad
You go to a restaurant with a relative who speaks Spanish. You ask them if they'd like to eat. "Tengo hambre" they say. What they mean is...
I'm hungry
I'm not hungry
Wait and see
I have a hamburger
"Hola" is one way of saying hello in Spanish. What is another way to say hello?
Buenos Dias
Huevos Racheros
How do you say "I Love You" in Spanish?
Te amo
Yo amor tu
Yo amor ti
Je t'aime
If I say about something that it is "Linda" - what am I saying?
That something is beautiful and male
That something is beautiful and female
That something is ugly and male
That something is ugly and female
You often wear Zapatos - what are they?
Try Again...
It may be you got a bit confused translating these Spanish words, or you just don't know much Spanish, to begin with. Not to matter, we're sure you have your own languages to worry about, but just so you know - Spanish is a really beautiful language to learn!
Very Good!
You surely know some Spanish. You've probably heard it around for years before starting to understand single words and phrases here and there. Continue your Spanish journey, the reward is incredible.
You aced this test and proven to us you know at least basic Spanish and can probably take care of yourself if you ever visit a Spanish-speaking country like Mexico. Congratulations on having a love for the Spanish language, it's one of the most beautiful languages in the world.
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