How Much Do You Know About Your Car?

We use them every day to get around. Without them, distances would suddenly become insurmountable. They are the motorized vehicles we all call 'cars'. How much do you know about the one you use to get around? Take this quiz and impress us with your car knowledge!
What is the purpose of engine oil?
It lubricates the engine's internal moving parts
It helps prevent dirt buildup in the engine
It helps keep the engine from overheating
All answers are correct
True or False: It's a good idea to switch to Neutral when stopping at the traffic light.
False: This will wear out your transmission
True: This will waste less fuel
What sort of fluid should you put in your car's radiator?
Brake Fluid
You just had a flat tire while driving. You stop to replace the tire. You pull out your jack and...
A tire pump
Wheel pump
Lug wrench
Air compressor
When you are parking downhill, which way should your wheels point?
Pointing straight ahead
Pointing towards the curb
Pointing towards the road
It doesn't matter
Where would you find a sticker with your tire pressure and other vehicle information such as the weight of the car?
Inside the driver's door
Under the hood
Under the floormat of the driver's side
Inside the glove box
Should you let your car warm up before driving?
Only in the winter when it's cold
Yes, for at least a minute
No, it never needs that
Yes, for at least 10 minutes
If you notice your car pulling to one side, what sort of maintenance might need to be performed?
Tire rotation
Wheel alignment
Strut replacement
Oil change
What does ABS stand for?
Automatic Braking System
Automated Braking System
Anti-lock Braking System
Absolute Braking System
What is the purpose of the fuel injection system?
It helps fill up your car with fuel
It moves fuel into the engine for combustion
It injects fuel into the oil filter
It moves the hydraulic liquid into the wheels and moves the car
Who are the biggest car sellers in the world?
Toyota, General Motors and Volkswagen
Ford, General Motors and Honda
Toyota, Ferrari and Volkswagen
Honda, Ford and BMW
What comes out of the exhaust pipe of a car?
Carbon dioxide
All answers are correct
It is recommended to keep gas in your car's tank at all times. How much should you keep as a minimum?
1/2 a tank
1/4 of a tank
1/8 of a tank
As close to full as possible
You are driving along when suddenly you hit a bump and hear a rattle sound from one of your wheels. What should you have checked out?
The brakes
The shocks or struts
The tire tread
The tire pressure
When people talk about an engine's redline limit, what do they mean?
How much gas it can burn before running out
The maximum amount of gas allowed
The maximum revs it can run at
None of the answers are true
Try Again?
You may be a consummate driver but you don't know that much about the vehicle purring under your feet. While it's true we have garages to take care of car failures, you can save a lot of money and hassle understanding your car better, and we highly recommend you read more about the subject to understand how your car really operates.
Good Job
You have a good amount of knowledge about cars, how they operate and how to maintain them and fix problems. That said, you still have some room to improve your score and we recommend you do so before checking the answers. If you do want to see them, click on 'Show Mistakes'.
You ACED It!
You are a car EXPERT! You were born drinking coolant and burping CO2. Cars are a part of your life just as much as your shoes. You spend a lot of time driving and pride yourself on being able to diagnose most problems and fix them before needing a mechanic. You are usually the one reminding others to maintain their car because you know what you're talking about.
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