How Much Do You Know About the Korean War?

The Korean War is one of the most important conflicts of the latter 20th century. It was not as long as some but definitely as ruthless as most. Many lost their lives in those battles, on both sides. Today, we still have to contend with a North Korea that is the direct result of that war, yet also with a peaceful and prosperous South Korea that may not have existed without it. Care to check your knowledge and memory of this war, or learn some interesting new facts? They await you in the quiz below...
The Korean War Began in ________ and ended in __________.
1950, 1953
1952, 1962
1949, 1953
Who was the US president when the Korean War began?
Harry Truman
George Bush Senior
Franklin Roosevelt
Ronald Reagan
True or False: The truce talks for the Korean war took six months.
How many korean war casualties were there as a result of the Korean War?
About 5 million
About 2 million
About 1 million
About 10 million
Which of these countries sent troops to the Korean War?
South Africa
True or False: There are still over 7000 US troops unaccounted for.
Which of these countries did NOT send troops to the Korean War?
The Korean War was the first war to see the use of ___________
Jet Fighters
Submachine guns
Submarines able to launch at land targets
Bombing planes
Which US state had the most Korean War veterens?
New York
True or False: The Korean War is also known as "The Recalled War"
US soldiers adapted a "Shoot first, ask questions later" policy because...
The North Koreans would send suicide bombers
The North Koreans would send soldiers dressed as refugrees
The Chinese would send diseased people to spread sickness
The Chinese would send suicide bombers
What was the highest ranking US soldier to be taken as prisoner during the war?
Major General
Sergeant Major
Sergeant First Class
What was one of the most prevalent injuries for US troops besides fighting?
Self Injury to get out of fighting
Heat Stroke
How many US soldiers, roughly, died in the Korean War?
What did the Chinese call the Korean War?
The War to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea
The War to Unify Korea
The Holy War of Eastern Communism
The Communist Uprising of North Korea
korean boy at korean war monument
You Have Much to Learn of This Conflict
So you don't know a lot about this war, that's part of why it was referred to as the Invisible War. It's not as talked about as other wars for some reason. But it's an important conflict that shaped the global map as we know it today, and has claimed the lives of many soldiers. To learn more, check out your mistakes and the answers below.
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You Know Quite a Bit
You have more knowledge than most about this war, which is known for being 'invisible' in the public eye compared to other wars. It was an important conflict, and your knowledge reflects that. We're glad to see you remember most of the important facts. You hit a lot of questions but there are some still that you answered incorrectly. Don't you want to know a bit more? Why not check out your mistakes below OR take the quiz again?
us troops saluting the us flag
You Aced It!
Were you in Korea? There are still veterans around and if so, we thank you for your service! Either case, you have a really impressive knowledge of this important conflict, which claimed the lives of many brave soldiers and poor civilians. Your knowledge reflects the importance of this war. We hope you share your knowledge with others, because this conflict is still relevant to the current global map, and everyone should understand and remember it. Good for you!
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