Are You Cool, or Out of Touch With Today’s Youth?

Nobody wants to feel out of touch with what’s cool, and when you’re a parent or grandparent to a young kid, keeping your finger on the pulse of what is currently trending could be extremely helpful in establishing a connection with the little youngster. Try our quiz to see just how hip you really are.
Youth Quiz: singer
Chris Allmeid
Who is this?
Ariana Grande
Nicki Minaj
Cardi B
Iggy Azalea
Youth Quiz: video game
Which video game popularized that dance?
Apex Legends
Dance Dance Revolution
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)
Youth Quiz: Beyonce
Pictured is Beyonc? Knowles with her husband, whose name is:
Kanye West
LeBron James
Lil Pump
Youth Quiz: Kardashian
Walt Disney Television
Which Kardashian sister is this?
Kendall Jenner
Youth Quiz: viral videos
6. Which popular app is used to create viral videos synced with music?
Tik Tok
Youth Quiz: dab
7. What is this man doing?
Miming the Nike logo
Youth Quiz: viral challenge
Which of these was NOT a viral challenge?
Dancing in the middle of traffic beside a moving car
Eating a whole ghost pepper
Ingesting a tide pod
Drinking a glass full of vinegar
Youth Quiz: Disney princess
Which of these is NOT a princess owned by Disney?
Elsa (Frozen)
Diana Prince (Wonder Woman)
Leia (Star Wars)
Vanellope von Schweetz (Wreck-It-Ralph)
Youth Quiz: Game of Thrones
Ver?nica Paz
10. What character did this actor play on hit series Game of Thrones?
Jaime Lannister
Jon Snow
Robb Stark
King Joffrey
Youth Quiz: fandom
Gage Skidmore
Speaking of Game of Thrones, what are these two fans doing?
Playing dress-up
Putting a theater play
Youth Quiz: celebrity names
Which of these is NOT a name a celebrity gave to their child?
Blue Ivy
Youth Quiz: streaming
What is Amazon’s TV streaming service known as?
Prime Video
Youth Quiz: eSports
What are eSports?
Video games that simulate real sports
Video game competitions that are watched by millions
Sports that employ electrical appliances
A European sporting league
Youth Quiz: Logan Paul
Luigi Novi
15. What is this young man infamous for?
Live vlogging from the Japanese Suicide Forest
Using a mentally-challenged fan to get sympathy views
Overdosing on camera
Youth Quiz: Country
Which country star collaborated with rapper Lil Nas X on the chart-topping hit Old Country Road?
Willy Nelson
Billy Ray Cyrus
Shania Twain
Dolly Parton
Youth Quiz: failure
You couldn't care less
You don't know a single thing about what the young'uns find cool and you can't be bothered to learn. You certainly don't need them to tell you what's cool, because you're cool enough as it is.
Youth Quiz: well done
Pretty good, for a geezer
Well done! You know your way around current pop culture, and you even incorporate it into conversations sometimes. You sometimes come on too strong trying to be cool and make the kids cringe, but at least you're trying!
Youth Quiz: great
You're cooler than a cucumber
You've got great rapport with the kids and can talk to them for hours on end about the hottest topics right now. Great job!
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