Animal Record Breakers

 Among the many animals that fill our world one can find quite a few special exceptions that have broken all records among their species, and perhaps even in the world at large. Today we will test your knowledge about those special animals...
What is the largest fish in the world?
The sperm whale is the biggest but it is a mammal not a fish...
Whale Shark
Great White Shark
Sperm Whale
Crystal Sunfish
What is the highest speed range observed by cheetahs?
80-128 kph (50-80 mph)
60-98 kph (37-60 mph)
90-140 kph (55-87 mph)
80 kph at most (50 mph)
Which of these animals weighs the most?
African elephants are the largest terrestrial animals, weighing up to 4–7 tons and an African savannah elephant can reach a weight of 12 tons.
African Elephant
Bengal Tiger
White Rhino
Spotted Giraffe
Which animal is considered the most deadly to humans?
Mosquitoes kill about 750,000-1 million people every year by transmitting diseases.
Which of these animals have the longest life span?
There are jellyfish varieties that are actually immortal and their bodies can return to a younger form cyclically.
What is the largest snake?
Female green anacondas can reach 4.6 meters (15 feet)!
Green Anaconda
King Cobra
Cuban Tree Boa
Burmese Python
How fast can the Sail Fish, the fastest fish in the world, reach swimming speed?
Up to 110 kph (70 mph)
Up to 200 kph (125 mph)
Up to 180 kph (110 mph)
Up to 60 kph (37 mph)
Which bird has the largest wing span?
The wingspan can get up to 11 feet! (3.3 meters)
Wandering Albatross
American White Pelican
Trumpeter Swan
Himalayan Vulture
What is the largest non-ape monkey?
The mandrill is the only one on the list that is not an ape, and is indeed the largest monkey.
What is the smallest dog?
French Bulldog
Toy Poodle
Which animal is considered to be the largest land predator?
Polar Bear
Bengal Tiger
Grizzly Bear
African Lion
How much does the largest animal on earth, the blue whale - weigh?
400,000 pounds (180 metric tons)
100,000 pounds (45 metric tons)
50,000 pounds (22.5 metric tons)
1,000,000 pounds (453 metric tons)
Try Again?
Some of what you have thought about the wonderful animals of our world seems to be wrong, and this is a situation that is definitely worth changing. You may want to occasionally watch a good nature series on TV or search for interesting articles online. Until then, we encourage you to try the test again and improve the score or keep reading and going over your answers.
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An Animal Expert!
You did a fantastic job and answered the overwhelming majority of the questions successfully! It wasn't always easy, but it turns out that you have the knowledge and logic to beat this quiz about the animal kingdom. It will be interesting to see if you have such broad knowledge in other areas as well. In the meantime, congratulations on acing our quiz!
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