What is Your Weirdest Trait?

We're all a bit weird, aren't we? Fortunately, we're all weird in different ways, so we kind of make up for the weirdness of other people around with our own. Some may be afraid of harmless birds, while another doesn't like to leave home. That's part of the variety of human life. What's YOUR weirdest trait? Think we can guess it? Then take this quiz and answer all questions honestly, and we'll give it our best shot!
butterfly on flower
What, in your opinion, is the most interesting part of this image?
The butterfly's antennae
The butterfly's wings
The flower
What is the most salient color in this image?
Baby Blue
Would you like to live in a house like this?
Depends on what it looks like inside
What is the first thing you noticed in this image?
The signs
The bench
The clouds
The tree
The palm trees in the background
What do you think this puppy wants?
To be played with
To go for a walk
Eat or drink something
Go to sleep
To be petted
What do you think is the most important part of this image?
The River
The trees
The Bench
The Island in the River
What gift seems the best to you?
The yellow one
The blue one
The green one
The Red One
The purple one
What emotion does this image make you feel?
What do you think she's whispering in her ear?
A joke about the man in the white shirt
Complimenting her on her earrings
They're talking about food
I have no idea
They're gossiping about me
What, in your opinion, is the most obvious color in this image?
What word would you use to describe this image?
Who does this image make you think of?
My family
No one in particular
People at my job
Your Weirdest Trait is Your Sense of Humor
People around you may not always get it, but your special sense of humor is a treasure! Those who know you and understand your weird brand of humor are addicted to its charm and laugh themselves silly. You have no intention of changing how you make people laugh, and your sense of humor lets you see the world for the funny place it is, and lets you take one day at a time and enjoy them all! Never lose that humor!
Your Weirdest Trait is Wanting to be Unique
If someone wears the same clothes as you at an event, orders the same thing or hears the same things you hear... it may not sit well with you. The reason is you want to be unique. Sometimes it's hard to explain to others how different you are. It's just part of your personality that drives you to find uniqueness, to be different to others and be the center of attention when possible. You totally deserve it, too, being an interesting and extraordinary person.
Your Weirdest Trait is Small Detail Orientation
Your attention to details, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem to others, is definitely your weirdest trait. Some may see it as a bit bizarre or even problematic, but that's because they don't understand you have differnet priorities, and on some things you will just not compromise. As long as you don't take it too far, to a place where you focus on things that aren't important at all - this 'weird' trait can take you far in life, and definitely helps you, and others who can't be bothered with small details, to solve daily problems.
Your Weirdest Trait is Introversion
Many people are introverted in some way or another, and there's nothing wrong with that. Sometimes, however, it may seem like a weird trait because it prevents the world from seeing all the fantastic sides of you. Perhaps your past experience have made you like this and perhaps it's something you always had, but for those around you, it seems like you always keep a part of yourself hidden and safe. It's hard, but when you DO open up to someone it can be a wonderful experience for you. Give it a try sometimes.
Your Weirdest Trait is Sensitivity
If friends often take you not to take things to heart, it's probably because they know you and know you have a sensitive nature. Sometimes you can get oversensitive and get hurt when no hurt was intended. Sometimes you just expect too much of people, and they often let you down by not being understanding or sensitive to your real needs. It could be you were hurt in the past, or perhaps you've always been sensitive. It's not a bad trait, as it may help you understand others better, but it may take a lot of energy for you to maintain. Sometimes letting go can be a blessing.
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