Which Animal Family is YOUR Family?

Our families are made of the people we love most. We protect each other, we help each other and we fight amongst each other - a lot! But in the end, familial love wins out. Each family, of course, is a bit different, made as it is with unique individuals, but there are some types and metaphors we can use to get some idea of what your family might be like. To find out our opinion, follow our instructions...
Where does your family spend most of its time?
At home
What summer family activity do you do the most?
Picnics and BBQs
Going to the pool or the beach
Watching movies and shows
Which food do you usually run out of first during big meals?
Something else
Do you spend a lot of time with your extended family?
Pick an amusement ride you all would enjoy.
Bumper cars
Mirror maze
Big Wheel
Something else
Pick a destination you will all enjoy.
Within the USA
Seychelle Islands
New Zealand
Is there much fighting and arguing in your family?
About a normal amount
Which image most reminds you of your family?
Which gift would you and your family love to get?
An expensive car
A safari in Africa
Redesign of the house
A trip to Europe
In your opinion, why is it important for children to get good grades at school?
So that they can have an education that will lead to lucrative work and success in life
In order for them to gain knowledge and get a better handle of how the world works
Good grades are not really that important
Does your household have stiff rules?
There are some rules, but not many
What is your family's main means of communication?
Text messages
Phone calls
Face to face conversations
The Lion Family
You have a strong family, whose members are quite independent, but you still face challenges together and whoever tries to mess with you will quickly regret it. You can be very active and handle activities that other families can only envy, but in no small part of the time you prefer to rest and gather strength or just enjoy a leisurely life. Like the family of the King of Beasts, you too are hard to ignore and you have a presence that makes you stand out, an aura of leadership. You give each other the power to devour the world and face every challenge, because you know that within each and every one of you lies the heart of a lion!
The Dolphin Family
Your family has a contagious joy of life, where no one stays sad for too long and you always try to consider all its members and provide support to each other. You like to go on different adventures together and discover new things according to the different interests of each and every one of you. You are probably a family that very much enjoys any water-related activities, although in general your curiosity may lead more precisely to special activities that very few families get to experience. No matter what you do, it is always important for you to maintain a positive spirit, laugh a lot together, enjoy life and not take things too seriously.
The Bear Family
You have a family that takes life easy and does not let the stress of the world affect it too much, unless someone crosses the line… In general, your life together is conducted quietly and calmly, you are able to demonstrate tremendous strength when needed, to face challenges and get the things you want. Most of the time, these desires focus on the good things in life, like adequate rest, various indulgences and everything that is needed to maintain a high and comfortable standard of living. You spend a lot of time at home together or doing separate activities - most of the time you give each other space and the opportunity to move freely and although it is not always noticeable from the outside, you love each other with tremendous intensity.
The Horse Family
You have a family with a free and independent spirit that loves to maintain an active life whether it is together or separately. Each member of the family has a strong character, and none of you like to be limited of bound in any way. However, your supports of each other makes dealing with the laws of the world more comforatble, That is what really matters. <br><br>Accordingly, there are not many rules in your home and you try to live a flexible life, without taking on too many commitments or risks. The ideal place for your family to live in is a house with a large balcony or a spacious yard - anything that will help you feel a little spacious and enjoy an open view. You usually make important decisions together or at least consult on them to a large extent, because it is very important to you that the whole family moves in the best direction and that you can always break new boundaries.
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