What Do You SEE?

In this personality test, we're going to try and create a link to your subconscious using art and images. Our goal, based on the material and questions, is to find out what your hidden dominant desire is. Something you want but don't usually think about in such clearly defined terms. Can we find it out? Only if you follow your intuition...
What do you see in this picture?
The atmosphere
Something else
Does this image evoke happiness or sadness?
A bit of both
What do you see in this image?
Sound waves
Something else
Is this something light in a dark room, or something dark in a light room?
Something light in a dark room
Something dark in a light room
Where do you think this photo was taken?
In space
In the sunlight
What do you see in this picture?
The surface of the sun
A sponge
Something else
What do these shapes most remind you of?
A staircase
A rose
A tunnel
A well
What are the people in this photo doing?
Something else
Which shape was the first to jump out at you?
What do you see in this picture?
Hair follicles
Muscle tissue
Something else
You are ruled by your desire to be connected to others. Whether it is a romantic connection you seek, or the deep abiding intimacy of family or friendship, it is what fuels you and keeps you motivated. You have a warm and compassionate soul and a nurturing spirit which draws others to you. You see people for everything that they can be and all the wonder that they contain within them; and this drives you to connect to them. It is no doubt that no matter where life's journey takes you, you will always be surrounded by those who care for you and a bountiful love which encompasses you.
While the cynical souls of the world may see your bright optimism as a youthful naivete, you have come to understand that it is the hope of a better tomorrow that burns within you. You are passionate and idealistic. You understand that there is so much potential surrounding us, and we have only to tap into it in order to achieve great things. When others are burdened by the troubles of every day life, you transcend them and consider the beauty that the future brings. Your bright disposition infects everyone around you, as they too learn how to dream. As long as hope is alive within you, you will always be the very best that you can be!
You want to take life by the horns and live every day as if it is your last. You live with the constant awareness that your days in this world are numbered, and this drives you towards taking big risks to reap huge rewards. You're the kind of person who others see and wish to emulate, because you are seemingly never idle and you are always pushing the boundaries of your life. You don't waste time engaged in cost benefit analysis, and instead choose to let your heart and mind guide you. You treat life with an intensity that few others can muster. As long as you continue to challenge yourself, your courageous heart shall steer you well!
The quiet moments you spend alone lost in thought are those you relish most. The hustle and bustle of daily life can become overwhelming and can leave you feeling over-extended. You long for inner and outer peace and balance and the deep connection you feel within yourself. Although you have a thriving social life, you still make sure to allocate time every day to experience the serenity of solitude. You seek this tranquility in every facet of your life, and those who know you have come to see you as a calming presence and a peace-maker. The world is in desperate need of the cool mellowness that you exude, never stop sharing your gift with us!
You often find yourself pondering what you will be leaving behind in this world. This stems, not from a morbid fascination, but a deep and intense desire to leave your imprint on this world. You believe that every one of us in this world has the power to be greater than ourselves, and to somehow impact the world around us in unimaginable ways. You are sharp, ambitious, and hard-working. While others plan their next getaway, you get lost in fantasies about the next goal that you will attack head-on. You are restless, always striving to be at the next station of life. If you keep pushing yourself and never let up, you will truly be unstoppable!
Your life thus far has been one of deep inner exploration, focused on developing your character and finding your gifts. Sometimes your goals feel larger than this world, because you seek something greater than the tangible gifts of a successful career or a beautiful home. You want to make a difference, to lead a life that is driven by values and a cause. You seek to satisfy your soul and not just your body. The path to fulfillment is winding and evasive, but you are intent on barreling down it at full speed. You will not allow anything to deter you from being your truest, best, and most perfected version of yourself!
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