Can You Finish Spelling These Tricky Words?

Test your vocabulary skills with 15 tough words that will stretch your linguistic prowess. Each question provides the first or second half of a word, and your task is to complete it. Check the "Hints" to see the definition of words you are asked to spell. So, are you ready to prove your spelling mastery and expand your vocabulary? Let's do it!
Complete the word: Procras...
Complete the word: Magnan
Complete the word: Eferves
Complete the word: Idios...
Complete the word: Loqua...
Complete the word: Antag...
Complete the word: ...erbate
Complete the word: ...ulous
Complete the word: ...cious
Complete the word: Tant...
Complete the word: Obfu...
Complete the word: Belli...
Complete the word: ...imilitude
Complete the word: Magnil...
Complete the word: Conf...
Try Again...
Good effort, but it looks like the dictionary has a few more secrets to reveal to you. Don't be discouraged—these words are meant to challenge even the best spellers. Take this as an opportunity to learn and grow your vocabulary. Review the words and their meanings, and give it another shot. With a bit more practice, you'll be spelling like a pro in no time!
Well Done!
Well done! You’ve navigated through some tricky words and proven your spelling skills. While there’s always room for improvement, you’ve demonstrated a solid understanding of some very challenging vocabulary. Keep practicing and expanding your word knowledge, and soon you'll be ready to tackle even tougher spelling challenges. Great job, and keep up the fantastic work!
Walking Dictionary!
Wow, you’ve really aced this one! You've shown that you are truly a walking dictionary, a master at spelling. Your impressive command of difficult words and their spellings sets you apart as a top-notch speller. Keep honing your skills and adding new words to your repertoire. You have a remarkable talent for language, and it’s clear that no word is too difficult for you. Congratulations on your stellar performance!
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