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When we were little kids we never liked tests at school, but online general knowledge tests are a completely different story. They allow us to spend a few minutes enjoying ourselves in the middle of a working day or waiting in line, there is no pressure on us to excel in them and most importantly, we can learn new things with their help that we didn't know. This is probably what will happen to you after you finish the next test and go over the correct answers to the questions that failed you - unless you belong to the rare breed of people who are able to get a perfect result...
General Knowledge Trivia Test: Cheese
What is the origin of the word umami?
General knowledge trivia test: Snoopy
What is the name of the Snoopy's owner?
Charlie Brown
Norville "Shaggy" Rogers
Linus Van Pelt
Joe Caracello
General knowledge trivia test: A man plays the guitar
What award is presented by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences of the United States for outstanding achievement in the music industry?
The Golden Raspberry
The Golden Globe
General knowledge trivia test: Volodymyr Zelensky
In what year was Volodymyr Zelensky elected president of Ukraine?
General knowledge trivia test: website in Italy
Which of the following sites is not located in the city of Rome?
General knowledge trivia test: website in Italy
General knowledge trivia test: website in Italy
General knowledge trivia test: website in Italy
General knowledge trivia test: website in Italy
General knowledge trivia test: The stars of the series Friends
What was the name of Phoebe Buffa's twin sister from the series 'Friends'?
General knowledge trivia test: racket and tennis ball
In which city are the Wimbledon tennis stadiums located?
New York
General knowledge trivia test: poker game
What is the strongest combination of cards (hand) in a poker game among the following options?
Four of a kind
Full house
General knowledge trivia test: Salt
What is the chemical symbol for sodium?
General knowledge trivia test: A reed flag with a question mark in the center
What tree's leaf appears on Canada's flag?
Why do frogs croak?
To attract a mate
To let each other know where they are
To know their location
To release gasses that accumulate in their stomach
When did the Philippines cease being under Spanish rule?
General knowledge trivia test: a frustrated woman in front of a computer
You should try again...
It was not an easy test, but nevertheless we think you have enough knowledge to change your result. Although it is already possible to see the correct answers, we think it is better for you to try to answer the test again, and this time to change some of your answers that were guesswork, taking more time to think them over. There's a good chance your result will be completely different, and of course afterwards we recommend you check our answers.
General knowledge trivia test: books and glasses
Nice job, but there is room for improvement
You handled this test well and we hope you came out of it feeling that you have no reason to be ashamed of your general knowledge. It is true that there is room for improvement, but it was not an easy test, and getting the best result on the first try is not child's play. The questions that failed you were probably about topics that you have nothing to do with, but if you want to expand your knowledge the right answers are waiting here later.
General knowledge trivia test: Cat with glasses
This is not your first trivia challenge!
very impressive! We can certainly guess that this is not your first general knowledge test. You managed to demonstrate a high proficiency in a selection of subjects, which is undoubtedly the product of rich life experience, curiosity, a strong memory and a sharp mind. If some of the questions were still more difficult than others and led to guesswork or mistakes, you can look at the correct answers here below, and then we invite you to share this test with your friends to see which of them will be able to come close to your high score.
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