What Happened First? Who's Older?

Which event happened first? Who's the older person? Who was born first? These are the decisions you'll have to make to crack our latest historical quiz. Are you up for the challenge?
Who is older?
Marco Polo
Christopher Columbus
Which happened first?
Stalin rises to power
US prohibition era begins
Who is older?
Emmanuel Macron
Justin Trudeau
Who is older?
Vladimir Putin
Angela Merkel
Which happened first?
Hawaii became a US state
Alaska became a US state
Which happened first?
American Revolution
French Revolution
Who is older?
Robert de Niro
Al Pacino
Which happened first?
Mussolini rises to power
Hitler rises to power
Who is older?
Michael Douglas
Richard Gere
Which happened first?
Julius Caesar assassinated
Birth of Jesus Christ
Who is older?
Genhis Kahn
Oxford University
Which happened first?
Doorknob invented
Flush toilet invented
Who is older?
Catherine the Great
Shall We Try Again?
It seems your gut feeling didn't correspond with reality and what you thought you knew is actually wrong. That's ok, nobody expects you to know all of these and you can always try again or look at your mistakes to learn some fascinating facts. Some of these are ancient history, after all. But say, didn't you learn a lot of new things? Check out our answers to cement your learning of some great new facts and anecdotes!
You Did Well!
You may not have got all questions right but you have gotten at least half or more of them, and that's not an easy feat! You definitely have some sense for history, as well some good brains in your head and a sense of logic that allowed you to figure some of these out even without knowing the answer in advance. Why not look now at your mistakes and see where you went wrong?
A Historian in the Making!
Wow, you answered all or almost all questions correctly! You really know your way around the past. If you used your logic and not your knowledge. You correctly guessed when these events took place in relation to each other, marking them in the space of time and history accurately and earning our deep respect! You also have a good memory for the ages of famous people! All in all - we're truly impressed.
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