The American Revolutionary War Quiz

The American Revolutionary War, also known as the American War of Independence or the Revolutionary War, was initiated by delegates from the thirteen American colonies in Congress against Great Britain. What do you know about this historical and epic war?
Who was the commander in chief of the colonial armies in the American Revolution?
George Washington
Francis Marion
William Gates
John Adams
What was the first major American victory in the Revolutionary War?
The Battle of Saratoga
The Battle of Manassas
The Battle of Long Island
The Battle of Cowpens
Which intellectual movement is associated with the American Revolution?
The Enlightenment
The Renaissance
Which of these was a figure in the American Revolution?
Patrick Henry
Henry Thomas
Patrick McGoohan
Henry Adams
Which battle ended military operations in the American Revolution?
Siege of Yorktown
Battle of Trenton
Siege of Charleston
Battle of Cowpens
The revolutionary war lasted from ________ to _______.
1775, 1783
What was the name given to the American colonists who supported Great Britain during the American Revolution?
Which European country became a major ally to the United States during the Revolutionary War?
Who were the Minutemen?
A branch of the colonial militia who were on call for immediate action
Leaders of the colonial communication network
Wartime cooks who were able to provide meals to troops quickly
The official timekeepers for the Continental Army
Who were the Hessians?
German mercenaries hired by the British to help fight against the American colonists
German mercenaries hired by the Colonial forces to fight against the British
Tradesmen and and merchants that would attach themselves to any leaving army.
A group of colonists that wished to stay out of the war entirely
True or False: A majority of African Americans supported the British Empire since they were promised freedom if they fought for the British.
What treaty ended the war of the American Revolution?
The Treaty of Paris
The Treaty of Versailles
The Camp David Accord
The Molotov Ribbentrop Pact
Try Again
Oh dear, your results aren't quite up to the Founding Father's expectations. However, we're sure that with a little more care and attention you'll be able to get much better results on your next attempt. While many people find it easy to disregard what happened in the past, wise men know that there's much to be learned from it.
Revolutionary Soldier
Give yourself a pat on the back, as your results show that you know your Revolutionary war facts pretty well. While you didn't get a perfect score, you show enough enthusiasm for the subject matter to be considered an amateur historian, and with further study you could quite easily become an expert. It's important to keep history alive within our hearts, so that no more innocent people have to suffer at the merciless hands of evil. In the words of George Washington: "“Perseverance and spirit have done wonders in all ages.”
Revolutionary General
Congratulations, your results are impeccable, and show that you know the American War for Independence inside and out. Remembering names, dates and figures is what you do best, which is why you'd make an absolutely superb historian. Without people like you, we'd be cursed to keep repeating the same historical mistakes over and over again.
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