How Emotionally Exhausted Are You?

We've been through one heck of a year, and the Corona Virus crisis is still going strong. Between these troubles and family, work, relationships, finance and everything else an adult nowadays must contend with, is it any wonder that many feel emotionally and mentally exhausted? It's nothing to be ashamed of, but it is something that is good to be aware of and treat. So test yourself: Are you exhausted?
How often do you feel the need to go to sleep in the middle of the day?
All the time
Maybe once a day
Only when I haven't slept well
Every time I do something complicated or hard
How would you describe your emotions recently?
Strong and passionate
Almost non-existant
What emotions?
Complete the sentence: Thinking about having a long conversation right now makes me feel...
Do you cry sometimes?
Yes, when I see something sad or something bad has happened
Yes, quite often to get a release
I try but I feel like a fake when I do
Sometimes I just burst into tears without warning
Complete the sentence: In the morning, I usually feel...
Sleepy but fine
Have you been getting enough sleep?
Not as much as I'd like to
A lot of insomnia lately
I do but I don't wake up feeling refreshed
Yes, when I can
Always do
How do you feel about the future?
How have you been getting along with the people closest to you?
A lot of fighting lately
A bit of fighting and annoyance lately
I can't help but be annoyed by them lately
Getting along the same as always
How have things been for you lately at work and/or finance and/or relationship?
A bit stressed but ok
It's been an ongoing stress
I've been under a lot of pressure
No special problems, same old
I'm finding it hard to focus on my work
How have you been eating?
About the same
I don't have much appetite
Sometimes very little sometimes I binge out of boredom
I feel like eating, but when I actually try, I can't be bothered
Do you ever feel alarmed?
Yes, I feel like something terrible is happening all the time
Whenever the phone rings or someone has something to tell me
Only when something worrying is happening
Sometimes, but not often
How has your health been recently?
Alright but I've had a host of little colds and infections
Seems fine but I don't feel healthy
I think there's something really wrong with my body
Totally Exhausted
Oh my, you poor thing, you are really mentally and emotionally exhausted. Can't blame you, it's been one heck of a year and we all have so much to bear and to do as adults living through this difficult time. Never feel bad about feeling bad! This is a very common occurrence. What you need now more than anything is to take stress off yourself, sleep well, exercise, eat and take care of your body. <br><br>Try to take a break from the things that make you feel the most stressed and take some time to be with yourself or the people that make you happy. It won't happen overnight, but with time you'll start feeling like yourself again.
Getting There
You're not quite exhausted yet but you're getting there, and are in serious risk of taking that mental and emotional tumble. These things happen when we feel too much stress for too long, or suffer too many sadness or frustration. <br><br>You're still not in the "red zone" but you at risk if you don't start taking better care of yourself. It's time to put yourself first, which means getting enough rest and sleep and diminishing the stressful elements in your life. It may seem impossible, but NOTHING is more important than your health, and this is a big part of it.
Not Exhausted at all
We're happy to report that you are NOT emotionally exhausted! You still have access to your full range of emotions, reactions and thoughts, and are not at risk to suffer a major depressive episode, dissociation or mental breakdown. That's a wonderful thing, and many people don't feel like that after the year the world has had. So keep doing what you're doing, get plenty of rest and avoid stress to continue being the happy person you are.
A Little Exhausted
According to your answers, you may be a little bit exhausted, but not much. You may be just starting the process or perhaps just feeling a little down lately. It's reasonable enough after the 2020 we all suffered, and nothing to feel bad about. The important thing is to realize this and take care of yourself, put yourself first for once and get some needed rest, away from the stressful elements in your life. With you only just a bit 'maxed out', a bit of rest should return you to a more healthy emotional state.
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