Can You Complete the Proverb?

Once again we find ourselves delving into English proverbs to see how many you recognize. This time, they may not be so easy, so think well before you complete the proverb. You will need to choose the correct second half of each proverb. Good luck!
Complete the proverb.
but will never be sound.
but will never heal.
but will not remain.
but will never be straight again.
Complete the proverb.
is half redressed.
brings out distress.
is a man distressed.
that is how sin is addressed.
Complete the proverb.
catches no mice.
gives no scratches.
is good for nothing.
will never eat.
Complete the proverb.
quarrels with his tools.
has bad tools.
neglects his tools.
has rusty tools.
Complete the proverb.
is better than a good lawsuit.
is better than a good sentencing.
is better than a bad defeat.
is better than a bad life.
Complete the proverb.
is always the sweetest.
never tastes as sweet.
tastes best.
is allowed by the tongue.
Complete the proverb.
than a rude grant.
than a civil charge.
than a rude confession.
than a civil confession.
Complete the proverb.
than a dirty breakfast.
than a dirty stomach.
than a messy dinner.
than a messy lunch.
Complete the proverb.
before his wit.
before his dreams.
before his thoughts.
before he wakes up in the morning.
Complete the proverb.
may turn to a fair day.
foul the rest of your day.
destroy a peaceful eve.
be cleared with a little corn.
Complete the proverb.
by the same snare.
by the same dog.
by the same hunter.
by the same arrow.
Complete the proverb.
is a friend to none.
is a friend indeed.
is an open heart.
has a large heart.
Complete the proverb.
does not fear the hammer.
is hard to find.
does not damage the hammer.
grows no rust.
Not Great..
We're afraid you did not pass this proverb quiz. Granted, most of these sayings aren't uttered that much anymore, but they do represent an enormous amount of wisdom gained over the years and condensed into these shorter sayings. To see the full proverbs, look at the quiz answers.
Good Job!
Your knowledge of proverbs and English sayings is stout. You probably do some reading and have a curiosity about the language. Perhaps your parents used to say them to you! That said, there is a little room for improvement. No doubt you can make top score if you try again. If you'd like, you can retake the test. If not, you can see the full proverbs by clicking on "Show Mistakes."
You're Really Good at This!
You have a super sound knowledge of proverbs, making it really hard for us to challenge you! You must have a great memory as well as a keen interest in reading and the English language. Perhaps were taught as a child or you just picked it up along the way. Good for you! If more people remembered these pearls of wisdom, maybe we'd all be better off.
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