Where Are These Famous Artworks?

We need your help! We found all kinds of amazing famous art pieces around the world and we really want to go visit them to see for ourselves. Only problem is... we have no idea where they are! Can you help us and tell us where each of these incredible art installations can be found?
Where can one find this incredible series of ancient statues?
Easter Island, Chile
Johannesburg, South Africa
Melbourne, Australia
Cairo, Egypt
This ancient circle of rough stones can be found in the country of...
This installation in the USA is called "Cloud Gate". What city is it in?
Chicago, Illinois
New York, New York
San Antonio, Texas
San Diego, California
What South American city holds this statue, known as "Christ the Redeemer"?
Rio, Brazil
Sucre, Bolivia
Mendoza, Argentina
Lima, Peru
Where can the Mona Lisa be found?
Paris, France
Amsterdam, Holland
Berlin, Germany
Rome, Italy
In what Italian city can the statue David by Michelangelo be found?
Where can one find the Terracotta army, found hidden in a cave?
South Korea
This building was designed by famous architect Gaudi. What European city is it in?
Milan, Italy
Barcelona, Spain
Athens, Greece
Munich, Germany
This giant statue of Buddha is 420 feet (128 meters) tall. It stands in the country of...
Where can one find this mosque, also known as The Dome of the Rock?
Saudi Arabia
Where is this world-famous cathedral?
Paris, France
Madrid, Spain
Amsterdam, Holland
Stockholm, Sweden
This fantasy-like, giant castle can be found in...
Not So Good...
Art geography may not be your strong side, but is that really important? You may want to know these art pieces, but maybe you do and just don't know where they stand. Look at the answers to learn more about them, or try again to get a better score. We believe in you!
You Did Well!
You did very well indeed, getting a good score and managing to guess where most art pieces can be found. These world-famous pieces of art, whether they are a painting, a statue or a building - should be recognized and adored, so we do not forget the great creations of the past.
You Did Wonderfully!
You ACED this quiz! Good on you, we're guessing you have quite the geographical knowledge on you, or perhaps you are simply an art lover, who knows so much about these pieces of beautiful art that they know exactly where they stand. Be that as it may, congratulations on beating this Geography quiz!
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