What Do You Know About Notre-Dame?

Notre-Dame, the famous and beautiful cathedral. What do you know of the glorious history of this structure, and how it started? This quiz will test you, but also teach you what you don't know! So enjoy learning about Notre-Dame, an architectural jewel.
Firstly, Notre-Dame is located in:
Notre-Dame means what in French?
Crown Jewel
Our Lady
Royal Mother
The famous church is the seat of:
The Archbishop of Paris
The Catholic Cardinal of France
Construction began during the reign of King Louis VII, which was the:
15th century
12th century
"Henry VI of England was made king of France inside Notre-Dame in 1431."
What world-changing event caused the Cathedral to fall into mass disrepair?
The French Revolution
World War II
Victor Hugo’s 1831 novel, “Notre-Dame of Paris,” informed readers about the building’s decrepit condition. It was published in English as:
The Three Musketeers
The Hunchback of Notre-Dame
"Napoleon Bonaparte, who sought to save the historic cathedral, was crowned emperor there in 1804."
The cathedral is considered a crown jewel of what architectural style?
Medieval Gothic
Roman Catholic
"The Burning of 2019 is the first time Notre-Dame has caught fire."
Notre-Dame is specifically located...
In the middle of Parc Floral de Paris
On the bank of Lac Inferieur
On an island in Paris called Île de la Cité
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