The Classic Artists

"Art is the only pure thing on earth" someone once said, and whether you agree with it or see it as rhetoric, it is still impossible to argue about the important place that art occupies in our world. After all, it has been here since the dawn of human history and has existed for thousands of years. In the next 12 questions, we will ask about both composers, classical painters, sculptors, and their works. Ready?
Which of these paintings were painted by Vincent van Gogh?
Who composed the piece 'The Magic Flute'?
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Ludwig van Beethoven
Johann Sebastian Bach
Antonio Vivaldi
Which of the following sculptures was sculpted by Michelangelo?
Niels Mickers
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Who is the Dutch painter who created 'The Night Watch'?
Hironimus Bosch
Jan Vermeer
Vincent van Gogh
Where was classical composer and pianist Franz Liszt born?
Who is the renaissance sculptor who made this sculpture of David?
Tullio Lombardo
Antonio Rossellino
What is the most famous painting by the Austrian painter Gustav Klimt?
The Kiss
The Scream
American Gothic
Girl With Pearl Earring
Who composed the opera 'The Barber of Seville'?
Gioachino Rossini
Franz Schubert
Ludwig van Beethoven
Joseph Haydn
Which of these is NOT a Russian composer?
Frederic Chopin
Sergei Rachmaninov
Dmitry Shostakovich
Igor Stravinsky
Which of these is NOT a painting by Leonardo da Vinci?
What event in the history of France is depicted in the famous painting "Freedom Leads the People"?
The 1830 Revolution
Victory over Nazi Germany
The Execution of King Louis XVI
The retreat from Algeria
Which of these paintings was NOT painted by a Spanish artist?
Not the Classic Type
Maybe you are more fond of other types of arts, maybe your cultural taste doesn't tend towards the art we presented in this test - but in any case, the bottom line is that you did not pass this test quite successfully. We think you should and should expand your horizons in all areas of general knowledge - and classical art for its issue and shades is a wonderful area to start, so you should first check the correct answers to this test, pay attention to places where you went wrong and learn some new things.
You Have Some Class!
From the number of your correct answers, it seems that overall you have a good acquaintance with the classic art world. You may be more proficient in classical music or more connected to the plastic arts of painting and sculpture, but in any case, we have proof that you have knowledge - even if you have not been able to answer all the answers correctly. Of course, when it comes to classical art, it is always possible to refine and deepen further, so we recommend that you first check the answers to the questions you made.
You're Super Classical!
Well done! You have proven to us that you know the world of classical art at a very high level; You knew how to answer most of the questions impressively, and you seem to have a great acquaintance with everything related to this world and the artists who worked in it. So all you have left now is to be proud of your classic result and challenge your classic-loving friends to see if they too can pass this test with as much success!
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