Starting Jokes

My history teacher was talking about mythical medieval creatures
Personally, I think the lecture was starting to drag on
Did you hear about the little people starting a beer making operation?
It's a micro brewery.
Why did the daddy peach teach the child peach to shave? He was starting to grow peach fuzz.
I'm starting a music group that performs Classical Greek music.
I'm calling it Oedipal Arrangements.
I'm starting a death metal band for people with Celiac's Disease
We're called "Gluten for Punishment."
I hope you're good at catching cause I'm starting to fall for you.
Karl Marx is an historically famous figure, but nobody ever mentions his sister...
Onya Marx, who invented the starting pistol.
My friends and I are starting a disco group.
We'll dress as a Viking, a Mongol, a Caribbean pirate, a Bedouin raider, and a Spanish conquistador.
We call ourselves: The Pillage People.
Did you know Karl Marx's sister invented the starting pistol?
Her name was Onya Marx.
I heard that starting next year, keyboards will no longer be sold with italics...
But it was a bold-faced lie.
My girlfriend accused me of cheating.
I told her she was starting to sound like my wife.
The amount of bad Covid-19 jokes being circulated is starting to reach alarming figures
Some scientists suspect that it might be a pundemic.
The unripe strawberry wasn't added to the starting lineup of the game because he was too green.
I went to Oxford University, where I was a philosophy major and the starting goalkeeper on the football team.
They called me Soccertes.
I don’t know what I’d do without you, but starting tomorrow I’m going to give it a try.
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