Sport Jokes

What is a vampire’s favorite sport?
Why is Basketball such a messy sport? Because you dribble on the floor!
What sport are eggs best at?
What sport do wasps love?
The success in this sport is not how you bowl, but how you roll.
If you doubt whether bowling is a sport, get it from me, that yes, it is a sport, but for people who have talent to spare.
My favorite sport is bowling cause I always strike out with girls.
Did you guys know that dolphins attack seals for sport?
It's almost like they do it on porpoise.
Is plate throwing a trully Olympic sport?
What was the pumpkin's favorite sport?
What's the most popular sport for tall women? Wrestling each other over men who are taller than them.
A blonde is a living person with a specific hair color, and a bowling ball is an inanimate object used in the sport of bowling.
Did you hear a gnome's favorite sport is baseball?
They love to score gnome runs.
You shouldn't wear glasses when playing football...
They say it's a contact sport.
I listenend to the football game on the radio. It was being broadcast on a catholic satellite radio station.
So I tirned to my dad and said, "That's weird. Football isn't even that religious of a sport!"
My dad replied, "Nope. Lacrosse is!"
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