Spell Jokes

Are you a magician? Because you just cast a spell on me.
How to spell the potato has tried
Many minds, sometimes mine, I’ll confide.
Though it may have an eye,
There’s no E – don’t ask why!
Not until it’s been baked, boiled or fried.
Fairies just spell trouble.
Do you wanna go to a restaurant?
You can't spell “menu” without me and u.
Hey, so how do you spell your name?
OK, and how do you spell your number?
I don’t know how to spell beautiful. all I know is without u, it’s impossible.
The Prince's Curse A prince was put under a spell so that he could speak only one word each year. If he didn’t speak for two years, the following year he could speak two words and so on. One day, he fell in love with a beautiful lady. He refrained from speaking for two whole years so he could call her “my darling.” But then he wanted to tell her he loved her, so he waited three more years. At the end of these five years, he wanted to ask her to marry him, so he waited another four years. Finally, as the ninth year of silence ended, he led the lady to the most romantic place in the kingdom and said, “My darling, I love you! Will you marry me?” And the lady said, “Pardon?”
Why did the witch fall off her broom mid-flight?
She had a fainting spell!
What did the witch say to people who visited her house?
Come sit for a spell!
Who cast the spell of sleep on Dorothy? It was the wicked witch of rest.
What did the tired witch do?
She sat down for a spell.
Why did the witch go to the doctor?
She had a dizzy spell.
Baby, we need to get together before Christmas, because you can't spell "love" with No-el.
I see my future like how the Americans spell colour. Without u.
Girl give me a chance and I will show you a world of our own where spell of love began and our hearts become one
Why did some of the elves spell Christmas as N-O-E? Because Santa said No L!
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