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Can I give you a hug to show you how soft my sweater is?
Is your name Alice? ‘cause baby I can show you Wonderland.
What’s the name of the gardener’s favorite show? Lawn and order.
Hey girl, I’m not just going to show you the world, I’ll show you the universe.
I'll show you where Easter eggs come from - you may be surprised!
Girl give me a chance and I will show you a world of our own where spell of love began and our hearts become one
Can I take a picture of you, so I can show Santa exactly what I want for Christmas?
I was watching a new cooking show where you only get to pick one pan to use the whole time…
It's called, "Do You Have The Skillet Takes?!"
Want to show me how to make steamy greens?
Girl, I wanna take you doorbell shopping.
So I can show you a special dingdong.
I was watching an Australian cooking show recently and the audience began applauding when the chef made meringue. Which is odd because...
Australians usually boo meringue.
If you come with me, I'll show you a hard day's night.
Can I show you my yellow submarine?
why did the spoon show up dressed as a knife ?
Invitation said to look sharp.
I just lost my job and may be Baroque, but that doesn't mean I can't show you a good time.
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