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Why did the Iron Chef have to stop cooking? He ran out of Thyme.
What did the baby mouse do when she saw a bat?
She ran home and told her mother she saw an angel
I ran out of toilet paper so I had to start using old newspapers.
The Times are rough.
I met her in chat, she was neat,
her photo was pretty, petite.
we met for a meal,
I saw her for real,
I screamed and then ran down the street!
There once was a man stuck in a stall,
He tried to get out but would fall.
One day a man flushed,
The fat man just blushed,
And quickly ran out of the mall.
There was a Young Lady of Lucca,
Whose lovers completely forsook her;
She ran up a tree,
And said, 'Fiddle-de-dee!'
Which embarassed the people of Lucca.
There was an Ol Man of Quebec,
A beetle ran over his neck;
But he cried, 'With a needle,
I'll slay you, O beadle!'
That angry Old Man of Quebec.
There was an Old Man with a flute,
A sarpint ran into his boot;
But he played daay and night,
Till the sarpint took flight,
And avoided that man with a flute.
I got in a fight with a crab yesterday.
When I punched him he ran, goon.
Did I tell you I ran over my mother-in-law's foot the other day with the lawnmower?
I told my wife we should have buried her deeper.
What did the fish say when it ran into the wall?
Yo mama so old she ran track with dinosaurs.
I had a really good fantasy football team.
Then, My Luck ran out.
What happened when the football coach’s dog ran onto the field during a game?
He got called for ineligible retriever down field!
There once was a lady named Dot
Who lived off of pigshit and snot.
When she ran out of these
She ate the green cheese
That she grew on the sides of her twat.