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Two astronauts who were dating, met up for a launch date.
“When I eventually met Mr. Right I had no idea that his first name was Always.”
Rita Rudner
Did you hear about the two spiders who just got engaged? I hear they met on the web."
I met a Russian nurse, she was employee of the month, I asked if she'd won anything. She said "Da, award."
What did the arsonist do on Valentine's day?
He met his match.
On one bright Sunday morning, one long lost wolf finally met his longtime classmate. “So, Howl’s it goin’!”
I met a guy in a wheelchair today. His face was battered and bruised. “What happened to your face?” I asked.

“I’m a Para-Lympian,” he replied.


“No, hurdles.”
I met this really beautiful crustacean, but I lobst her number.
What did the British man say to the man with the submachine gun he's never met?
A cowboy is walking down main street in nothing but his boots and hat...
Shortly after he got into town, a sheriff stops him.

"Sir, why in the hell are you walkin down the street naked as a jaybird?"

"I can explain! See I met this girl named Sally. Well, I took her back to my place and she took her shirt off... So I took off mine. Then she took her pants off... And I took off mine. She whipped off her britches... And I slipped outta mine.

"After that she laid down and hollered, 'Go to town cowboy!'

"So here I am."
How did the koala bear get the high-paying job? He met all of the koalafications.
I met her in chat, she was neat,
her photo was pretty, petite.
we met for a meal,
I saw her for real,
I screamed and then ran down the street!
I met a man, Stan.
His nature is Afghani.
Yes! Afghanistan.
What happened when the Easter Bunny met the rabbit of his dreams? They lived hoppily ever after.
I'm jealous of all the people who've never met you.