Fail Jokes

Son: What happens when white blood cells fail to protect us from an infection?
Dad: Their effort goes in vein.
Why did the banana fail his driving test? He kept peeling out.
May you be granted no memory,
Of the people you wished took a hike,
May your luck hold out for decades,
Bringing you only the folks you like.

May your eyes never fail you,
When you need to tell the difference,
May your walker go from zero to 60,
So you could stay at a safe distance.

(Kevin Nishmas)
Why did the Gorilla fail its exam? He didn't have the ape-titude.
Many basketball players fail their tests in school because they do not want to pass.
Why did the pun fail his English class?
He didn't use proper pun-ctuation!
My Gladiator DVD stopped working...
Talk about an *epic* fail.
Why did the dog fail his driving test?
Because he couldn’t parallel bark.
Why did the lemon fail its driving test?
Because it kept peeling out
Why did the light bulb fail his math quiz? He wasn’t too bright.”
Why did the light bulb fail his math quiz?
He wasn’t too bright.
What did the peanut say right before taking an exam? “I walnut fail!”
I wonder why Lenin didn't realize that communism would fail to work. There were so many red flags everywhere.
Soft fruits make really supportive parents. Whenever their youngsters fail at something, they just smile and say “Have another bite at the cherry.”
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