Cover Jokes

I've started a new band called "Blanket".
We're a cover band
My wife said, "You act like a detective too much, I want to split up."
"Good idea!" I replied. "We can cover more ground that way!"
To all the people that don't cover their mouths then they cough.
You make me sick.
My friend keeps joking about the thing he has to wear to cover his mouth while he's exercising outside.
It's a running gag.
We need to cover more ground so we should split up.
Roses are red,
violets are blue,
if you get naked,
I’ll cover you in goo.
What Reincarnation is All About A soldier is reading a book while off duty when he sees his sergeant coming. Everyone hated sergeant Thompson, he always had a big stick up his bum. "Private." "Sergeant Thompson, Sir!" the soldier said, standing up smartly. "At ease." The soldier gladly returned to his book... until he realized the sergeant is still standing over him, staring at the cover. "Yes, Sarge?" "What's that rubbish you're reading there, private? Re..incar..nation? What's that all about?" "Well," smiles the soldier, "It's pretty simple sir. Say you died, God forbid, and we buried you. Then a few months later grass grew on that plot of land. Then a cow came and ate that grass. As nature dictates, a few hours later it passes it through its stomachs and dumps it out on the ground... Then I would walk by and say: "Hey Sarge, you haven't changed a bit!""
What did the storm drain say when it learnt it'd be getting a new cover?
That's just grate.
There’s a great new rock and roll cover artist doing the rounds at the moment – his name is Chuck Cherry.
I was at a bar and heard a band playing a Queen cover. I asked them what the name of their band was. They are called the Champignons my friend.
For the last two weeks my kids have been building a medieval blanket fort every evening to sleep in. Many nights they also stayed up past their bedtime playing fortnight under its protective cover.
It was a night knight fort for Fortnight for a fortnight.
Did you hear about the new Smashing Pumpkins cover band?
They call themselves Squished Squash!
Remember the band that did that rock cover of “walk like an Egyptian’ by The Bangles?
I've started a new band called "Blanket'
We're a cover band
I know I’m not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but one glance at you and I’m already interested.
I want to read you from cover to cover.
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