How did the sheep farmer become best in his field?
Shear luck.
Why do so few vegetarians become competitive swimmers?
They don’t like the swim meats!
Why do trees have to drink responsibly? Otherwise, they become a bunch of trunk idiots.
Why was the evergreen so lonely in high school? She was always pining to become a part of the poplar kids.
How did the mother know her child would become a neuroanatomist?
He was constantly staining stuff.
How did the rabbit become a wrestling champion? It had a lot of hare pins!
What happens to Germans when they eat too many lemons?
They become sour krauts.
Does a water bed become bouncier when you fill it up with spring water?
How fast can a cave become vacant? At the drop of a bat.
Why does the jellybean go to school? Because he wants to become a smartie.
I've always wanted to become a podiatrist, but was made to train as a paediatrician first.
Baby steps.
I wasn't wearing hearing protection when the atom bomb went off.
Now I am become deaf, destroyer of worlds.
Why did the ghost decide to become a vegan?
Because it's super natural.
When does a joke become a Dad joke?
When it becomes fully groan.
How did the dentist become a brain surgeon?
The drill slipped.