My buddy asked me "if you could kill anyone in history, who would it be?"
I said I probably wouldn't kill anyone in history, but Pete in math is bloody annoying sometimes.
Which tree is more annoying, pine or oak?
Pine. Because pine needles while oak leaves.
Why was the penguin so annoying?
Because he was always fishing for complements.
Why is it annoying to eat next to basketball players?
They dribble all the time.
Man: What do math and my dick have in common? They're both hard for you
Woman: You must be a math problem because you're annoying and difficult. I don't wanna solve your problems for you.
As I lay cozy, all snug in my bed,
I enjoy the imagination inside my head
Until I hear racket beside my bed.
It's my 5:00 alarm!

I quickly silent you, you annoying alarm.
Then we SNOOZE together and let dreams carry on.
Enjoying the peace, then I'll be darned;
It's my 5:15 reminder!

Now I hush the ringing of my reminder.
Ok Alarm, let's put that behind us.
Eyes just shut, but here goes that timer
It's 7:20. I'm late!!!

(By Demecia Dean)
Should you have that annoying distant auntie for Thanksgiving dinner?

It’s really not worth it. Just have the turkey.
What did the pun say to his annoying colleague?
You're being pun-reasonable right now!
So a man walked up to me and placed some soil, plant seeds and fertilizer on my head.
It was annoying at first, but I think it grew on me.
Are you a fire detector?
Because you're loud and annoying.