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These 21 Signs Are As Funny and Clever As It Gets!

As real funny sign aficionados, we feel obliged to point out that funny signs come in many shapes and forms… Round, square, triangular…. Just kidding, we won't bore you with all the details! To keep it short - it doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of puns on signs, hilariously misspelled signs or clever jokes on signs, this collection of funny signs has something for you! We decided to include a mixture of different humorous signs in this photo collection, so scroll down to laugh along with these 21 humorous signs.

1. This may the best advertisement we've seen all year!

Funny Signs fencing

2. This sign speaks the bitter truth! 

Funny Signs teenagers

3. If you buy a vacuum at this store and it sucks, you can't say you weren't warned...

Funny Signs store sucks

4. "We thought it was weird that someone put a white stripe on the sign, but then we saw the cows in question..."

Funny Signs cow sign

5. The height of confidence

Funny Signs height of confidence

6. Frankly, that's a level of directness we can all appreciate

Funny Signs japanese museum

7. We must say, this sign has a point!

Funny Signs burger king

8. "Say what? All I can see is a bunch of humans... Ooh!"

Funny Signs primates being social

9. This sign is the wake-up call many tourists need 

Funny Signs littering

10. Spread the knowledge to all dogs!

Funny Signs dog library

11. How punny!

Funny Signs like this post

12. Clever one, sire!

Funny Signs time travel

13. Politeness pays off

Funny Signs coffee prices

14. This corn maze sign is a bit too straightforward...

Funny Signs corn maze sign

15. "A sign at a local orthodox church..."

Funny Signs orthodox church

16. Can't argue with this sign!

Funny Signs ooh aah point

17. What is this odd contraption you call a "doorbell"?

Funny Signs doorbell

18. You got my attention!

Funny Signs 14 year old again

19. Only the literate flies will survive this trap!

Funny Signs fly trap sign

20. That's quite a lot of physical and emotional baggage

Funny Signs physical and emotional baggage

21. Enter this restroom at your own risk, they allow aliens and warriors. But hey, at least you know their hands are clean!

Funny Signs restroom
Source of all images: Bored Panda
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