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Microwaves Are Responsible For Some Funny Accidents

Microwaves can be our best friends when we want to heat up those leftovers or make a quick snack, or maybe make some popcorn for movie night. And when you use your microwave properly, everything’s great. But microwaves are temperamental beings. Leave them on for too long, or put something in them that should not be there... and boom. Because of that temper, microwave fails and accidents end up looking messy and dramatic, but also hilarious. 

Take a look at these microwave fail pictures, each telling a story of a thousand words. 

1. My daughter took it upon herself to microwave some syrup for her waffles..... for 5 minutes!

Microwave fails syrup
Image Source: Reddit

2. The cup took considerable force to get downMicrowave fails

Image Source: Imgur

3. $5,000 Canadian after someone using the microwave to disinfect it

Microwave fails $5000 microwavd
Image Source: Reddit 

4. This is what a microwaved fork looks like

Microwave fails fork
Image Source: Imgur

5. When I was 3 years old I decided to put my dad's brand new cellphone in the microwave

Microwave fails cell phone
Image Source: Reddit

6. This is what happens when you microwave McDonald's fries for 30 minutes (instead of 30 seconds)

Microwave fails fries
Image Source: Reddit

7. Now we know microwaving a shirt won't make it dry faster

Microwave fails shirt
Image Source: Reddit

8. Brownie out of a cup - level: nuclear explosion

Microwave fails cake in a cup
Image Source: Reddit 

9. My friend's kids decided to microwave Crayola markers...

Microwave fails crayola markers
Image Source: Reddit

10. My little sister accidentally microwaved a bagel for ten minutes

Microwave fails bagel
Image Soure: Reddit

11. Are you sure that container was microwave-friendly?

Microwave fails
Image Source: Reddit

12. Another tragic case of a microwaved phone

Microwave fails iphone
Image Source: Reddit

13. I tried to microwave a sandwich and apparently there is a big difference between 4 minutes and 5 minutes

Microwave fails sandwich
Image Source: Twitter 

14. The container isn't microwave-safe but the veggies survived!

Microwave fails container veggies
Image Source: Twitter

15. This is what happens when you tell your kid to make his own snack so he microwaves an egg for 11 minutes

Microwave fails egg
Images Source: Reddit
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