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These Cheeky Pets Are Hilariously Funny!

Pets bring so much joy and happiness to our lives - there’s no point denying that. But some pets have the innate ability to be naughty, it seems. Whether it’s cats destroying shower curtains and furniture with their sharp claws, dogs chewing on anything they can get their paws on (including the remote), or parrots shamelessly pulling out keys from a keyboard one by one, these pets all have a cheeky streak to them. And somehow, all this mischievous behavior is hilariously funny!

1. He didn't like that the plant took his place by the window...

Cheeky Pets cat plant

2. Judging by that cheeky smile, he regrets nothing

Cheeky Pets remote

3. The Queen of Destruction resting on her throne

Cheeky Pets destroyed chair

4. "I thought you bought the new keyboard for me..."

Cheeky Pets parrot and keyboard

5. "Me? Chewing the table? Noo, this is just how I like to watch TV."

Cheeky Pets dog chewing on the table

6. Who needs a stuffed cow if you can chew on it "a little" and get a warm hat?

Cheeky Pets stuffed cow hat

7. Taking a shower in this house looks like a lot of fun!

Cheeky Pets cat on shower curtain

8. This dog chewed on an Aston Martin that's worth £80,000 (about 112,000 USD). Obviously, the owner wasn't thrilled...

Cheeky Pets Aston Martin

9. "You didn't want to let me in the bedroom, so..."

Cheeky Pets door

10. This genius dog dragged a sprinkler inside the house through the doggie door...

Cheeky Pets sprinkler

11. When you want to use the bathroom, but stumble upon this instead

Cheeky Pets kitten toilet paper

12. No, it couldn't be her who has done this... Just look at that innocent little face!

Cheeky Pets innocent looking cat and broken vase

13. We shall not tolerate any fake corgis in our house!

Cheeky Pets corgis

14. "It couldn't be me. I was clearly just lying here on my doggie bed all this time like the bestest boy."

Cheeky Pets dog with flower pot on his head

15. Catzilla fiercely attacking the dollhouse

Cheeky Pets kitten and dollhouse

16. "It's all a blur to me..."

Cheeky Pets guilty dog

17. Is the cat part of the installation, I wonder?

Cheeky Pets cat handing by a lamp and plant

18. He chewed a hole in his towel, now he wears it as a poncho 

Cheeky Pets dog towel poncho

19. The damage has been done, but she doesn't think so, and she is unstoppable!

Cheeky Pets cat shower curtain

20. "I made a doggie door for myself. Am I a good boy?"

Cheeky Pets dog hole in a door
Source of all images: izismile
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