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These Spelling Mistakes Made Us Laugh Uncontrollably!

 As someone who reads and writes a lot all the time, I’ve seen a fair share of spelling fails. And that’s fine - everyone, even experienced writers make mistakes. However, there are some situations in which a letter in the wrong place can result in more than a little confusion. Sometimes, a hilarious misspelled word ends up on a sign, and from there, on the internet, creating the perfect storm. We collected 15 hysterical examples of such spelling mistakes here, so brace yourselves - because it’s about to get funny!

1. This may be the only child in the world who likes broccoli - so cute!

Funny Spelling Mistakes broccoli

2. These home decor signs don't seem to sell very well. I wonder why...

Funny Spelling Mistakes blessed

3. Honestly, that sounds like the most terrible snack ever!

Funny Spelling Mistakes chicken nuggets

4. Would you like some 'ranibow sprimkles' on your ice cream?

Funny Spelling Mistakes ranibow sprimkles

5. 'Shmeat' sounds just like meat, but not very tasty...

Funny Spelling Mistakes meat

6. This could either mean a snack or just a very happy and full doggie

Funny Spelling Mistakes pastrami beagle

7. An important life lesson learned - if you're doing graffiti, at least make sure to spell things right.

Funny Spelling Mistakes banch

8. We don't know why, but 'pestpoom' just sounds really funny!

Funny Spelling Mistakes restpoom

9. Whoever typed this up really loves their Xs

Funny Spelling Mistakes fire extinguisher

10. They misspelled 'cookie?' Heartbreaking!

Funny Spelling Mistakes cookie

11. Sorry, what?

Funny Spelling Mistakes management

12. That doesn't sound all that good... or hygienic...

Funny Spelling Mistakes hand soup

13. How is ketchup different from ketchap?

Funny Spelling Mistakes ketchap

14. Proof that just one letter can make all the difference...

Funny Spelling Mistakes crab apple jam

15. Can anyone tell me what a 'smork alam' is?

Funny Spelling Mistakes smork alam
Source of all images: Izismile
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