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Bathroom Designs so Bad They're Hilarious

The homeliest room in any house is the restroom. It’s the only room where we truly have privacy, which is pretty important considering the bathroom’s main function. Public toilets, on the other hand, are a different story. Venturing outside of your comfort zone always means there’s a risk you’ll be in the awkward position of sharing this most sacred and private moment with other people, which is bad enough, but many businesses seem hell-bent on making the whole experience much worse by trying to spice things up with “cool” designs. Here are some of the worst examples of such poorly-thought-out toilet designs:
1. This Delightful and Professional Paint-Job
Bad bathrooms: paintSource: Reddit
2. Why Would They Even Sell Those?!
Bad bathrooms: wetSource: Reddit
3. The Perfect Design for a Disabled-Friendly Bathroom
Bad bathrooms: disabledSource: Reddit
4. Location-Appropriate Advertising
Bad bathrooms: mumSource: Reddit
5. Straight out of a Horror Film
Bad bathrooms: scarySource: Reddit
6. I Have a Lot of Questions, Such as: Where’s the Toilet Paper?
Bad bathrooms: throneSource: Reddit
7. This Urinal Design Blows
Bad bathrooms: horns
8. Audition Room for the Worst Reality TV Show Ever
Bad bathrooms: chairsSource: Reddit
9. Up Close and Personal
Bad bathrooms: intimateSource: Reddit
10. Good Luck Figuring This One Out
Bad bathrooms: tapsSource: Reddit
11. Not Quite Opaque Enough
Bad bathrooms: opaqueSource: Reddit
12. The Henri IV Hotel, Ladies and Gentlemen
Bad bathrooms: HIVSource: Reddit
13. Fun with Friends
Bad bathrooms: audienceSource: Reddit
14. At Least It’s Not Chunky
Bad bathrooms: ice creamSource: Reddit
15. This Retro Chic Has Gone too Far
Bad bathrooms: bucketsSource: Jake Setlak
16. This Has to Be Child Abuse, Right?
Bad bathrooms: kindergartenSource: Reddit
17. HOW?!
Bad bathrooms: alignmentSource: Reddit
18. This Is Why You Should Keep Your Toothbrush in a Cup
Bad bathrooms: slideSource: Reddit
19. This Has to Be Photoshopped, Right?
Bad bathrooms: viewSource: Reddit
20. A Great Spot for a Candlelit Dinner
Bad bathrooms: candleSource: Reddit
21. Did The Person Who Designed This Ever See a Human?
Bad bathrooms: thinSource: Reddit
22. Shred It!
Bad bathrooms: guitarSource: Reddit
23. This Is Wrong on so Many Levels
Bad bathrooms: mouthSource: Les Chatfield
24. Fire Whoever Picked this Marble
Bad bathrooms: marbleSource: Reddit
25. Who Needs Mirrors, Anyway?
Bad bathrooms: mirrorSource: Reddit
26. You Had ONE Job!
Bad bathrooms: accessibleSource: Reddit
27. Oh, COME ON!
Bad bathrooms: windowSource: Reddit
28. This Is Plain Cruel
Bad bathrooms: judgmentalSource: MyLifeStory
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