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What Were They Thinking? – Silly Construction Fails

We all want our homes to look elegant and beautiful. But a silly little design mistake can ruin even the most beautiful of structures. For example, how would it look if there was a single fat pillar right outside of your entrance? Or if the windows were placed at oddly disproportionate angles? You can discover many such bizarre construction bloopers in the pictures below. These design fails are SO weird and hilarious you will be scratching your head and asking yourself – what were they thinking?! 

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1. Guess they tried too hard to be different 

Constructions Fails, fail

2. We're sure this must have some purpose... We just don't know what it is!

Constructions Fails,

3. When you asked the contractor to install an adjustable switch "to dim the lights down low"

Constructions Fails, switch

4. No entry... Unless you want to get in from the side. That's okay. 

Constructions Fails, no entry

5. WHY?!!! 

Constructions Fails, HOUSE

6. So is that left part of the staircase reserved for someone special? 

Constructions Fails, staircase

7. Interesting pillar placement

Constructions Fails, pillar

8. Maybe they didn't want the fan to work 

Constructions Fails, fan

9. The longer I look at this photo, the worse it gets!

Constructions Fails, house

10. The designer must have dozed off while approving this 

Constructions Fails, building

11. Well, I guess that might be quite thrilling...

Constructions Fails, swimming pool

12. Getting down from here will be really awkward

Constructions Fails, stairs

13. What were they thinking? 

Constructions Fails,

14. The placement of that clock completely ruins an otherwise beautiful structure 

Constructions Fails, clock

15. I wonder who would be willing to take a shower in a public hallway... 

Constructions Fails, showers

16. How does this even happen? 

Constructions Fails, door

17. What purpose does this fan serve? 

Constructions Fails, fan

18. Why did they put dividers between these hand dryers? 

construction fail, bathroom

All images source: Izismile
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