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These Poorly Designed Homes Are Sure to Make You Giggle

 Designing and decorating your own home is one of the biggest joys and challenges of everyday life, and the owners of the 22 homes we’re about to share with you believed they were up to the challenge, but they ended up completely missing the mark… Don’t get us wrong, we strongly agree that tastes and aesthetics differ and expressing your creativity is a good thing, but trust us, sound judgment had nothing to do with the creation of a fully carpeted toilet or a staircase in which you can’t see the end of each step. If these hilarious design fails taught me anything it’s to always measure and consult professionals before renovating my home on my own!

1. Good luck walking down those stairs...

Interior Design Fails stairs
Image Source: Reddit

2. The owner of this kitchen thought "I want my kitchen to look like a sofa"

Interior Design Fails kitchen that looks like a sofa
Image Source: Twitter

3. A "throne" fit for royalty!

Interior Design Fails blue toilet
Image Source: Reddit

4. That protruding sink is such an eyesore!

Interior Design Fails protruding sink
Image Source: Reddit
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5. Blinds in place of shower curtains... 

Interior Design Fails blinds in the shower
Image Source: Reddit

6. Who thought this was a good idea?

Interior Design Fails odd toilet
Image Source: henryfranks

7. Why? Just... Why?

Interior Design Fails washing machine
Image Source: Pikabu

8. "My friend's under-the-stairs "bathroom" where the toilet is diagonal and partially installed into the carpeted wall"

Interior Design Fails carpeted toilet
Image Source: Reddit

9. We see that you're rich, but are you sure the second door was necessary?

Interior Design Fails mansion second door
Image Source: Estately

10. Yes, it appears that there is such a thing as "too much crown molding"

Interior Design Fails too much crown molding
Image Source: Reddit

11. Is this a shower or a survival challenge?

Interior Design Fails shower
Image Source: Dunapix

12. Cleaning this one must be "fun"!

Interior Design Fails stones
Image Source: Reddit

13. This fridge fits... kind of...

Interior Design Fails fitting fridge
Image Source: Reddit

14. Oh no, the neon pink is slowly spreading through this kitchen...

Interior Design Fails neon pink
Image Source: Reddit

15. "I prefer for my hallway to be split in half with a giant piece of wood"

Interior Design Fails hallway split in half with a giant piece of wood
Image Source: Reddit

16. Is that a bathtub or a giant soda fountain?

Interior Design Fails 50s bathroom
Image Source: Reddit

17. This toilet is a real nightmare!

Interior Design Fails toilet step toilet
Image Source: Reddit

18. No, this is NOT a funhouse mirror, it's a doorway!

Interior Design Fails doorway
Image Source: Reddit

19. "My uncle's house got a bathroom without a door, literally the first thing you see when you enter the house"

Interior Design Fails bathroom without a door
Image Source: Reddit

20. "Well, I'll take the elevator"

Interior Design Fails stairs
Image Source: Reddit

21. "We didn't have a space for the fridge, so... we made one"

Interior Design Fails fridge
Image Source: Reddit

22. Of course we saved the "best" for last!

Interior Design Fails shark toilet
Image Source: Reddit
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