A New Vocabulary Marathon

Embark on a thrilling linguistic challenge crafted to test your mastery of the English language. This vocabulary quiz features 25 carefully chosen words, divided into five levels of escalating difficulty. Each level contains five questions, challenging you to match rare and complex words with their exact definitions. The twist: an incorrect answer forces you to restart from the last completed level. Hone your intellect, expand your vocabulary, and get ready to navigate the intricate maze of the English lexicon. Will you rise to the pinnacle of linguistic mastery?
Welcome to Level 1
What does Acrimonious mean?
Angry and bitter
Pleasant and friendly
Full of wonder and excitement
Deeply saddened or mournful
What does Ebullient mean?
Lacking in movement or action
Characterized by a slow and relaxed pace
Cheerful and full of energy
Showing deep respect or admiration
What does Assiduous mean?
Showing great care and perseverance
Characterized by sudden and unpredictable changes
Having a lack of interest or enthusiasm
Easily understood or recognized
What does Intransigent mean?
Unwilling or refusing to change one's views or to agree about something
Showing a keen interest in or enthusiasm for something
Capable of being easily understood or explained
Demonstrating great respect or admiration
What does Vitriolic mean?
Filled with bitter criticism or malice
Displaying a high degree of skill or proficiency
Relating to or characterized by deep thought
Full of energy and enthusiasm
Welcome to Level 2
What does Sanguine mean?
Optimistic or positive, especially in a difficult situation
Showing a lack of respect or courtesy
Relating to the sense of touch
Extremely old and no longer in use
What does Supercilious mean?
Showing a cheerful and optimistic attitude
Behaving or looking as though one thinks one is superior to others
Acting with sudden and unpredictable changes
Having a deep-seated feeling of ill will
What does Aplomb mean?
Self-confidence or assurance, especially in a demanding situation
A state of intense joy
The quality of being deeply thoughtful
Being frequently absent
What does Harangue mean?
A lengthy and aggressive speech
A brief note
A friendly conversation
A written document
What does Indefatigable mean?
Persisting tirelessly
Easily tired
Highly forgetful
Welcome to Level 3
What does Perfidy mean?
Deceitfulness; untrustworthiness
The state of being clear and easy to understand
An excessive amount of detail
Relating to the countryside or rural areas
What does Fatuous mean?
Silly and pointless
Highly intelligent
Very important
Deeply insightful
What does Ephemeral mean?
Permanent and unchanging
Lasting for a very short time
Extremely long-lasting
Deeply meaningful
What does Obstreperous mean?
Extremely quiet and reserved
Noisy and difficult to control
Deeply thoughtful and introspective
Highly agreeable and cooperative
What does Lachrymose mean?
Tearful or given to weeping
Full of energy and excitement
Unwilling to spend money or use resources
Displaying an abusive behavior
Welcome to Level 4
What does Munificent mean?
Relating to or involving deep thought
Showing a critical or disrespectful attitude
Larger or more generous than is usual or necessary
Extremely careful and precise
What does Desultory mean?
Full of sadness
Carefully planned and organized
Lacking a plan, purpose, or enthusiasm
Rich and luxurious
What does Chimerical mean?
Deeply rooted in historical fact
Imaginary or fantastical; highly unrealistic
Extremely practical and realistic
Highly predictable and ordinary
What does Mendacious mean?
Not telling the truth; lying
Showing a strong desire for revenge
Displaying a lack of interest or concern
Full of intricate and beautiful detail
What does Turbid mean?
Clear and transparent
Cloudy, opaque, or thick with suspended matter
Highly organized and structured
Very smooth and polished
Welcome to Level 5: The Final Level!
What does Contumacious mean?
Highly respectful and deferential
Extremely friendly and accommodating
Stubbornly or willfully disobedient to authority
The act of burying an urn
What does Sesquipedalian mean?
Extremely concise and brief in speech
Given to using long words
Highly knowledgeable about history
Deeply immersed in artistic activities
What does Munificent mean?
Very generous
Extremely small in size
Showing great courage
Characterized by the imposition of strict discipline
What does Eleemosynary mean?
Relating to or dependent on charity
Extremely wealthy and affluent
Highly skilled in a particular craft
Deeply rooted in ancient traditions
What does Rebarbative Mean?
Unattractive and objectionable
Highly charming and pleasant
Deeply thoughtful and reflective
Very welcoming and inviting
Not time to quit yet!
So you stumbled—a minor hiccup in the grand scheme of things. The path to vocabulary mastery is filled with its share of pitfalls and challenges, but it's those very obstacles that make the journey worthwhile. Shake off that misstep and jump back in; you've barely scratched the surface.
Almost there...
Wow, you've come incredibly close to crossing the finish line! Your journey through our challenging sections reveals an impressive grasp of English's many rare words. Don't let that one mistake hold you back; you're almost there. Get back in the game!
Our Vocab Champion!
Congratulations, you've done it! You've successfully navigated the labyrinth of rare and old English words and emerged victorious. Your stellar performance reveals not just an aptitude for language, but an in-depth knowledge of obscure vocabulary. By getting all those meanings right, you've definitely proven your mettle. Revel in your accomplishment; you've earned it. The title of 'Super Lexicon' is no small feat, and you wear it well. We tip our hats to you!
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