Do You Remember These Classic Nursery Rhymes?

 Nursery rhymes have a lot of old charm and magic to them still. Listening to those old rhymes sure brings me back to a more innocent time in my life. Do you remember the nursery rhymes you loved? This quiz is going to give you a part of a famous nursery rhyme, and you must choose the correct name for it! To learn more about the origin of the Nursery Rhymes, check your mistakes in the end!
Can You Name the Nursery Rhyme?
An English folk song and nursery rhyme dating back to the 17th century.
Lavender's Blue
Lavender's Green
Dilly Dally
You Shall Be Queen
Can You Name the Nursery Rhyme?
The rhyme as published today is usually attributed to American poet Eliza Lee Cabot Follen (1787–1860). With the passage of time, the poem has been absorbed into the Mother Goose collection.
Three Little Kittens
Ten Little Kittens
Mommy Puss
Christmas Mittens
Can You Name the Nursery Rhyme?
A popular poem for children written by American writer and poet Eugene Field and published on March 9, 1889. The original title was "Dutch Lullaby".
Wynken, Blynken, and Nod
Drynken, Krynken and Todd
Zynken, Vixen and Grodd
Nixon, Bloxom and Broad
Can You Name the Nursery Rhyme?
This is a 17th century nursery rhyme that represents England (Lion) and Scotland (Unicorn) and their enmity
The Lion and the Unicorn
The Ravens Three
The Burly Welshmen
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
Can You Name the Nursery Rhyme?
The rhyme has varied very little since it was first collected by James Orchard Halliwell and published in 1842.
Solomon Grundy
Monday to Saturday
The Days of Our Lives
Freaky Friday
Can You Name the Nursery Rhyme?
An English language folk song and fingerplay. It is usually accompanied by a sequence of gestures that mimic the words of the song. Each successive verse sequentially counts down from the starting number.
Five Little Monkeys
Three Little Monkeys
Jumping on the Bed
Bad Monkeys
Can You Name the Nursery Rhyme?
The earliest records of the rhyme in English are from the 17th century.
London Bridge is Falling Down
Fort Neverwinter
The House in London
Fair Lady
Can You Name the Nursery Rhyme?
An American folk song written by Verna Hills (1898–1990) and published in 1939.
The Wheels on the Bus
The Wipers on the Bus
The Bus Driver
The Magic Bus
Can You Name the Nursery Rhyme?
A a popular British nursery rhyme and cumulative tale. Origins are not determined but many believe it came from the Jewish "Chad Gadya' sung during Passover
The House that Jack Built
Under the House
The Cat and the Rat
The Cat, the Rat and the Malt
Can You Name the Nursery Rhyme?
A well-known English nursery rhyme, perhaps originating in the 18th century.
Sing a Song of Sixpence
The Kind and the Queen
The Kingdom of Sixpence
The Counting King
Can You Name the Nursery Rhyme?
A popular English language nursery rhyme.
Simple Simon
Poor Simon
Lonely Simon
No-Luck Simon
Can You Name the Nursery Rhyme?
An English nursery rhyme first published at the end of the 18th century in volume two of Hook's Christmas Box.
Three Men in a Tub
The Butcher and Baker
Out to Sea
Try Again...
Oh well, it doesn't seem like you remember much about these nursery rhymes of old. That's a shame, as they are charming pieces of art and history, used by millions to put their little darlings to sleep. You may not be interested in old children's poems, and we can't blame you. However, if you do wish to know more about them, have a look at the answers and read our explanations!
You Know Quite a Few Rhymes!
You have a better-than-average knowledge of old nursery rhymes, which probably means you have a fantastic memory for the written (or perhaps sung) word. You probably enjoy literature and poetry, and we hope you have bestowed some of that love on your children (or will). That said, you had some gaps and mistakes, and we'd recommend looking at the answers and learning a bit more about these rhymes.
You Remember So Well!
Mother Goose and Humpty Dumpty would be proud! You have a fantastic knowledge of old nursery rhymes, better than the vast majority of people. You must have an excellent memory and a fondness for the written, or perhaps softly sung word. We hope you shared your knowledge with your kids or with other children, keeping these beautiful old poems alive. In short, congratulations, you ACED this quiz!
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