Do You Understand Technology?

 Computers are all around us these days, and we spend more and more time in their company than many of our acquaintances. Yet, for a lot of people, the language of computers and internet can be confusing, especially since we never had the privilege of learning about all this technological wizardry when we were at school. So, why not put your PC knowledge to the test to see how many of the computer basics you’ve already mastered?
What do the initials WWW stand for?
WWW stands for world wide web, the same meaning as internet.
World Worm Web
World Wide Web
World Word Web
None of these
What is used to communicate from one place to another?
WAN stands for Wide Area Network. The internet itself could be described as a WAN.
All 3 of these
A ___ is a group that unites a number of independent computers together via communication media.
A network is a telecommunications group of several computers that share information.
All 3 of these
A Speedometer is one example of ___ computing.
Analog computers represent data by measurable quantities, like voltages or gear rotation, to solve a problem, rather than by expressing the data numerically.
None of these
What software is used to view web pages on the internet?
Popular web browsers include Safari, Edge, Chrome and Firefox
Web Browser
Internet Browser
Page Browser
All 3 of these
What can you use to save the websites you wish to visit most frequently?
Favorite lists keep you from having to search the same web sites again and again.
Frequent List
Favorites List
Explorer List
None of these
Which of these is a Microsoft presentation program?
MS Power Point is suitable for making presentation slides and notices.
MS-Power Point
MS- Access
What does ISP stand for?
Your ISP is the organization that provides you with your internet services.
International Service Provider
Internet Service Provider
Internet Service Presenter
None of these
Number systems all have a base, known as ___.
The base (or radix) of a number system is the number of alternative symbols available to represent any digit in that system. E.g. the decimal system has a radix of 10.
None of these
What is a bit?
Bits are the basic unit of information in computing and digital communications.
Binary Digit
Binary Data
Binary Deci
None of these
1024 bytes equals ____.
A byte is smaller than a kilobyte, which is smaller than a megabyte, which is smaller than a gigabyte, which is smaller than a terabyte.
_____ is when one user transfers information FROM THEIR computer TO ANOTHER computer via a modem.
You upload information from your device or computer to another device or computer, and you download from another location to your device or computer.
Downloading & uploading
None of these
Which one of these performs allows you to conduct several operations on the computer at once?
The memory allows you to "save" what you are doing while also doing something else.
Which of these is a storage device?
All are used for storing data.
Hard Disk
USB Disk
Floppy Disk
All 3 of these
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