What is Your Magical Companion?

How incredible would life be if we all get a special magical companion who was loyal to us and wanted what's best for us? It would make life much more fun for a lot of us, don't you think? But what kind of magical creature would be best for you, giving you what you lack? Take this personality test to find out...
If you had a superpower, what would it be?
Being invisible
Shooting fire from my fingertips
Talking to the dead
Talking to animals
What kind of support do you need in your life?
A strong support that will fight for me
A soft, warm and hugging support
A quiet listener who can take me away from everything
Someone with experience, wisdom and empathy
Someone who can make me forget about it all and laugh instead
What are you (at least partially) guilty of?
Being quick to anger
Being defensive
Being scared and anxious
Being bored with life
Lacking perspective
Pick a color that makes you think about MAGIC.
Which activity would you prefer?
Napping on a Sunday afternoon
Having a nice coffee and a good book to read
Watching some exciting show or movie
Bonding with nature
Going for a drive or a ride
What would be your dream job?
A novelist
An actor
An astronaut
A music star
A zoo keeper
An athlete
If you could adopt and raise any animal, which would it be?
What kind of movies do you especially like?
Something strange and original
Where do you spend most of your time?
At home, alone
At home, with my family
Travelling and hiking
In social occasions
At work
Would you like to return to your childhood?
Of course! Who wouldn't?
Not really, I've been through that once already
Only if I remember everything and can make different choices
No, but I wouldn't mind getting a few decades back
Yes, if I can skip the really bad parts
What worries you most and makes you most anxious?
That I'll end up alone
Financial issues
My family
My sanity
Getting hurt physically
Getting hurt emotionally
A Shoulder Dragon
Your magical companion is a small, 7-inch long, fire breathing dragon that will sit on your shoulder wherever you go. This dragon is fierce and fiercely loyal. It will never leave your side. It may talk from time to time and offer a predator's advice. <br><br> You shoulder dragon has very little fear and will always egg you on to be more courageous and less forgiving to your enemies. It will want you to fight to get things in your life, and will always be there to look your opponents in the face to intimidate them with a little smoke coming out of its nostrils...
A Cheshire Cat
In case you haven't seen Alice in Wonderland, the Cheshire cat is a magical talking cat who can disappear, create illusions and basically be a very magical creature. It is also a fiercely independent creature that will not depend on you, but will keep you company with its cutting remarks and unexcited air of nonchalance. He will remind you not to take life too seriously, will tell you jokes and bring you gossip about people it spied on while being invisible. It will always try and make you feel better, but it will never take orders from you...
The Ghost of an Old Englishman
You need someone you can talk to who can share your secrets but never be able to tell a living soul. That is because it's a dead one. The friendly ghost of an old English lord who is very attached to you. It lives in your house so it can't follow you out, but inside it listens to you, gives you life advice and shows empathy to your problems. His vast years of experience as a living person and as a dead one may prove very worthy of your time, and will also help you fight the feeling of loneliness when at home. It's like having a best friend no one can see but you.
A Luck Dragon
If you haven't read or watched 'The Neverending Story', a Luck Dragon is a magical dragon who is not only fluffy but incredibly warm, good hearted, loyal, brave and kind. <br><br> When you are feeling down, there's no one better than a luck dragon to give you that unlimited empathy, an adorable smile, good words and the opportunity to feel better by going on a wonderful ride among the clouds as he hums a tune, tells you stories and laughs in a big roaring voice as you travel up above. Just remember to treat it right, as it is a gentle creature.
A Mini-Corn
A unicorn is a bit big to stay at home, but a mini unicorn, a third of the size, might make a wonderful companion. The (mini) unicorn will be an amazing silent listener, with endless patience and a gentleness that will always soothe your soul. In their eyes you see how little most things matter, and it's the enjoyment of life, nature and the moment you should be focused on.<br><br> It will always be ready to take you on a magical ride through the forests, fields and valleys, and somehow you may find yourself in places you never knew existed other than in myth and legend. It will heal your body and mind with its tears, and will constantly be a force for quiet goodness in your life.
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