Which Greek God Are You?

The gods of Olympus are very old myths, thousands of years old. But a lot of us still know about them and are intrigued by them to this day. The reason for that is that they - and the stories that come with them - are powerful symbols that are still relevant to human society as we know it. The Greek gods often represent sides of humanity, sides of us. This quiz will attempt to test your mettle and see what kind of person you are, and what kind of Greek god most symbolizes you. Answer and take your place on Olympos...
You've just been given godly powers, what is the very first thing you do with them?
Declare yourself god and emperor
Cure all diseases
Have incredible fun with my powers
Take revenge on the people who wronged me
Make the world more beautiful
Which of these animals do you like best?
A group of murderous terrorists have fallen into your godly hands, what do you do with them?
Destroy them with my wrath
Make them my slaves
Make them suffer for what they've done
Erase their memories and turn them into drunk fools forever
What is the most important thing for you in a partner?
That they are good looking
That they are devoted to me
That they will do what I want
That they will be fun-loving
That they be intelligent
What do you like the most about parties?
Meeting interesting people to talk to
Having a blast and drinking
Meeting beautiful people
Making a good impression on people
You have one wish to help humankind - what do you wish for?
Being a god
That humanity becomes more advanced technologically
That life becomes more fun for everyone
For people to become smarter
You work at an office and your boss is a jerk who won't leave you alone. What do you do?
Confront them in front of everyone and demolish them
Be so charming they will eventually become my friend
Flirt with them to make them look at you differently
Find a clever way to tell their bosses
Invite them to a party at home and use it to befriend them
In your group of friends, you are usually the...
The Leader
The social leader
The fun one
The sexy one
The smart one
What kind of job would you prefer?
Something where I can be a manager of many people
Something scientific or brilliant
Something fun where I don't have much responsibility
Something that will make people interested in me
Something that will make me a powerful person
Arrange the following qualities in order of importance to you: Love, Power, Money, Control, Mind
Love, Power, Money, Control, Mind
Power, Love, Mind, Control, Money
Mind, Power, Control, Money, Love
Money, Love, Power, Control, Mind
Control, Money, Mind, Power, Love
What is your favorite genre of movies to watch?
Romance and romantic comedies
Smart thrillers
Parodies and comedies
Disaster movies
Which of these activities would you prefer?
Having a wild party
Talking politics
Drinking with friends
Reading a good book
Argue with people online
Going on a hot date
You Are Zeus
You are an ambitious person who is usually chosen to be the leader because you have the confidence and the natural leader aura that makes other people look to you first in every crisis. You probably manage people as part of your work, and if not, then you probably are the head of your household, leading them to a better life. You are strong, strong willed and as hard as you work, you know how to enjoy life and make things fun for you at the same time.
You Are Aphrodite
Above all else, you wish to be loved and to love in return. It's important for you to be attractive to other people, whether sexually, by beauty, or by other characteristics. You wish for the whole world to be more beautiful than it currently is, and try to surround yourself with beauty at home. You wish you could always be surrounded by beautiful things, and you care nothing for politics and the stupidity of other people - why fight when the world can be such a beautiful place?
You Are Hera
You have a very strong personality and ego. You're a passionate person, and your desires often create some trouble for you, but your incredible strength of will always finds a way around those problems. You can be a bit controlling at times, but you do only because you truly believe you have the right answer. You can also get angry and jealous, but you protect those you love with the same anger and fierceness. You're a great person and a loyal friend, your aura of power and desire lets very few people stand in your way. You WILL get what you want.
You Are Athena
The most important thing to you is your mind. The logic, the intelligence and the wisdom that are contained within it. To lose those abilities will be to lose yourself, because this is how you define yourself - being the smartest person in the room, being interesting; a person who can talk about anything and still be fascinating for others to talk to. Your inner world is big and rich, and often seems more important than the outside one. You often wish other people had more sense in their skulls.
You Are Dionysus
Life isn't about working hard, isn't about fighting in wars or politics, life isn't about building things - life is about having fun! So many people out there don't know how to enjoy their life, you think. You look at them with pity that they do not know how to enjoy life like you do. Life can be full of pleasures if you care to look and try for them. You're a person who knows how to have fun, how to love their friends and make memories with them that last forever. You are always the social leader of any group, the one who makes other people smile and enjoy themselves. You're always ready to have fun and drag people into that fun with you, until they end up thanking you. You are usually the life of the party, and everyone smiles more when you show up.
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