What Would Be Your Job in Ancient Rome?

Ancient Rome was a glorious phase in the old world. So much time has passed since its days, but humans haven't changed that much. We still have very similar wants, skills, likes, and dislikes. If you lived back then, what career would you have had? Take our quiz to find out!
Do you enjoy physical labor?
Yes, I feel best when I'm using my body
I hate all kinds of physical labor
Only when I really need to
From time to time
Choose a Roman God to worship (as a person living in those days)
Veritas - The goddess of truth and justice
How do you feel about being in charge of others?
I hate it. I work best when alone.
I don't love it but I'm good at it
I like it and am good at it
I prefer working as part of a team, equal among many
Do you enjoy living in the same place?
No, I like to move around as much as possible.
I like to move every few years or so
Yes, very much so and I hate moving.
I don't really have a preference, it depends on the circumstances.
Which of these would you enjoy the most?
Being outside in the open air and sun
Reading a beautiful book
Doing some DIY I enjoy
Making plans for the future
Dancing, singing or performing
Does fame attract you?
Yes, it would be nice to be known
Maybe a little bit
Not at all
What kind of activities did you love as a child?
Playing sports with friends
Playing by myself, making up games and stories
Playing with Lego and making things
I had a part time job to make some extra money
Organizing social events and events for my school and friends
Would you consider yourself creative?
I can get very creative when I need to solve problems for myself
Sure, it's what I'm good at
I have a lot of skills but that's not one of them
No, but I'm very practical and handy
Do you enjoy helping other people?
If it's helping my family and friends, yes.
Sure, that's my favorite thing!
From time to time. It makes me feel good
Not really. I prefer to stay away from people.
How important is money to you?
Very much
A little
Not at all
How important is career stability to you?
It's the MOST important thing
It's not important at all
It's fairly important
It's not very important
How eloquent are you, in your opinion?
Extremely eloquent
Fairly eloquent
Not very eloquent
Not eloquent at all
You would have been a pretty successful merchant, according to your answers. Merchants were hardworking people in Ancient Rome. A merchant was a very smart person who can solve most problems and enjoys more wealth than the average citizen. That said, they did not enjoy a high social standing, and as a result, knew a day's labor, even with slaves. You are sharp-minded, a solver of problems and one with an appreciation for money and its power. You enjoy making your own way in the world, not staying too long in one place but always exploring and finding new ways to work and make a profit.
Architects were both high-level scientists and engineers of their time. A good architect was worth their weight in gold, designing and constructing buildings that would stand the test of time for thousands of years, only to be discovered later by us modern humans. You would be on call for the wealthiest and most prominent citizens, managing crews of up to thousands of people, always creating and adding to the beauty that is Rome. You are incredibly smart, focused, and logical, with a determination that can see any project, no matter how long, to fruition.
Artist, Writer or Poet
Ah, to be an artist in Ancient Rome! What creations would you make, perhaps choosing to be a sculptor, a painter, or a poet? The Roman age saw a significant boost in the arts, especially in sculpture and writing. You are a sensitive person who prefers to work alone, creating things that originate inside yourself. You adore all things beautiful and often sigh when you look at the natural world and how remarkable it is. Yours is a soul longing to create, and you would be a great addition to the artistic world of Ancient Rome.
Statesman / Stateswoman
You have a great capacity for making change happen in the world. You are eloquent, have a social conscience, and want to see the world changed for the better. This is why you probably would have gone into politics during Ancient Rome times. You would have been part of the Senate of Rome, helping uphold the democracy of Rome as well as a balance with its emperor, taking care of the needs of the many over the few. Yours is the way of words, of intellect, of responsibility. You think things deeply, and you're great at looking ahead and planning for the future.
As a child, you were probably the center of attention. You have an outgoing spirit that is perfect for an entertainer of Ancient Rome. These were people extremely good at sleight of hand, magic shows, and acrobatics, and they would wow the citizens of Rome with their antics. You have both the charm and the spirit to be a great entertainer. As an entertainer, you'd probably move from place to place, bringing the joy of your craft to all the little Roman towns in the empire and making people happy wherever you go. They would wait all year for you to come to their little towns, carrying news of the world and bringing them evenings of joy after their hard days of work.
Sailors were the adventurers of the Ancient World. They were men (and women at times) of mystery. They were physically hard workers, working in teams, and relying on each other. That's how you are as well. You prefer working in teams of people, having comrades and colleagues, and not bossing anyone around. You love adventure and don't want to get stuck living in one place for too long. You like the open air in your face and the sun above your head. It's a hard life, but one with great rewards, adventure, and even riches... if you're lucky enough.
You enjoy the simple things in life. Physical labor, for you, is something of zen. You go into it, and hours seem to pass you by as you work. Before you know it, you're done your work, and your aching muscles give you a sense of satisfaction at another day's work well done. Remember, being a farmer doesn't mean you are poor; some of them were very rich indeed. You like being outside and would hate to sit all day. You covet the simple life, a life without too many ups and downs, a life that is stable and family-oriented. That is why farming is the best career for you in Ancient Rome.
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