The Hateful Color Personality Test

If you love exploring yourself and your subconscious, like I do, you've probably done some color quizzes in the past, the kind where you pick the colors you love and you learn about yourself. Well, this quiz is kind of the opposite of that. In this quiz, you get to pick the colors you HATE. Let's see how much we tell you about yourself just putting together a picture of you from the colors you despise!
You're the Equilibrist
You're passionate and full of energy, making you popular among friends. You have the ability to love deeply, and you sometimes don't think before you put your heart and soul into your relationships. Your strong sense of ambition means you will do well in your career. This, however, is offset by a fiery temper and a lack of patience. Work hard at keeping a balance in your life and you'll go far.
You're the Balancer
You are a peaceful, well balanced individual with a natural beauty many people envy. You take everything in your stride and have a laid back attitude that keeps you from feeling stressed. Your kind nature makes you the perfect shoulder to cry on, and your friends value you for your soothing, well balanced approach to life. You feel close to nature and are happiest in the fresh air, so watch out for jobs that coop you up indoors for too long.
You're the Enigma
You are dignified and impressive without being showy. It's important for you to appear mysterious when meeting new people, but you should make sure that doesn't mean that no one gets the chance to know who you really are. Whoever gets the privilege to see deep into your soul will find great hidden depths and many beautiful colors inside.
You're the Flirty Go-Getter
You're quite pure and innocent and have a cheery, happy personality. You certainly don't mind standing out from the crowd. Your sense of individuality reflects in your effortless attraction to the opposite sex. You like to stay in good shape and to eat healthily, and find it easy to make money in your career. You can sometimes be a little money hungry, and your youthful good looks can make others feel a bit jealous. Don't take yourself too seriously and you'll be fine.
You're the Thespian
Your cheery personality means you light up a room as soon as you walk in. You love to be the center of attention and thrive in big social situations where you can really shine. There is a warmth about you that draws people towards you, either as friends or as lovers, and your boundless energy means you can always find a way to make everyone happy. Be careful of your childish attitude and eternal optimism though, and you'll do just fine!
You're the Artisan
You are a strong, independent person with a deeply spiritual side that few others possess. You like to keep your most personal feelings to yourself, and can come across as a bit mysterious and secretive at times. Your friends and lovers have a great respect for you, and your quiet wisdom means you are often the person they come to with their problems. Don't forget to make time for yourself too!
You're the Philosopher
You are cool as a cucumber and unflappable even in the most stressful situations. You can be quiet, but you never come across as shy. You have a serene peacefulness about you and project a sense of confidence and wisdom to everyone you meet. However, you don't suffer fools gladly and will not tolerate liars. It takes a while to build your trust, but once it is won, you are a loyal and wonderful friend to have.
You're the Eternal Child
You're full of love and affection, and family is everything to you. Sometimes you need protection, special treatment and desire to live a more sheltered life. You require affection and like to feel loved and secure, and can sometimes appear to be delicate and fragile. You also tend to be charming and gentle.
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